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DigtaSoft Voice medical Desktop Set

• speech recognition with medical vocabulary
• medical templates, formatting rules and search commands
• with USB dictation microphone Digta SonicMic 3 for online
• including software DigtaSoft Pro

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Article number: PDD8304-72DE

Box contents Digta SonicMic 3, single user licence for PC software DigtaSoft Voice medical, including activation of the DigtaSoft Voice interface in DigtaSoft Pro and PC software DigtaSoft Pro

The speech recognition application for medical practitioners:
DigtaSoft Voice medical with specialised medical vocabularies

The DigtaSoft Voice medical speech recognition application contains specialised professional medical vocabularies such as terms used in general or internal medicine, psychiatry, radiology, surgery, orthopaedics, neurology and cardiology. It is suitable for both   consulting physicians and radiologists. DigtaSoft Voice medical also contains medical diagnosis templates, formatting rules, search commands, and a set of medical commands. This makes it the right solution for generating clinical diagnostic results.
The speech recognition application for medical practitioners
Simple integration into medical applications

Simple integration into medical applications

Would you like to use speech recognition in conjunction with your medical application? No problem: DigtaSoft Voice medical functions well with various patient management systems such as PACS and KIS. You can dictate directly into the form and text fields in almost all applications. The transparent dictation window also allows speech recognition even when other programmes (such as x-ray images) are in the foreground.

DigtaSoft Voice medical – speech recognition for professional users

The speech recognition DigtaSoft Voice medical is based on the leading Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition application. As it is especially customized to the requirements of professional users, DigtaSoft Voice medical is ideally suited for professional dictations and the dictation hardware from Grundig Business Systems. Various settings were optimised and allow more efficient work. Functions that tend to be employed by private users have been disabled. This makes the application faster, simpler to operate, and better at recognition.
DigtaSoft Voice medical – speech recognition for professional users
Accelerate the document generation process with speech recognition

Accelerate the document generation process with speech recognition

Would you like to organize your work processes more efficiently and accelerate document generation by up to 50 per cent? DigtaSoft Voice medical makes that possible! We know from experience that, on average, we speak three to five times faster than we write. Even taking into account the effort of proofreading and formatting, document generation with DigtaSoft Voice medical is significantly faster than conventional methods.

Automatically improve speaking vocabulary
and develop individualised vocabularies

DigtaSoft Voice medical allows a constantly increasing recognition rate because your speech profile is automatically improved. How? After you or your secretarial staff have proofread the recognised text, DigtaSoft Voice medical is informed of the changes which will be taken into account for the next dictation.   DigtaSoft Voice medical also allows the development of an individual vocabulary on the basis of existing documents, leading to even better recognition results. Large user groups in companies with various speech profiles and vocabularies can be easily managed.
Automatically improve speaking vocabulary and develop individualised vocabularies
Interface with dictation software DigtaSoft Pro

Interface with dictation software DigtaSoft Pro

DigtaSoft Voice medical opens all your options for dictation generation – digital dictation or on-line or off-line recognition – because the speech recognition application contains an interface with the DigtaSoft Pro dictation software. Speech recognition dictations and their processing are completely integrated into the DigtaSoft workflow. That means that the dictations can be assigned an accompanying note with additional information.

Proofreading stations are also optimally integrated: they are equipped with a recognition mark, foot switch control and back-learning function.

Digta SonicMic 3: The ideal dictation microphone for DigtaSoft Voice medical

Make use of the DigtaSoft Voice medical speech recognition together with the Digta SonicMic 3 dictation microphone and you will hardly need any additional speech commands! By means of a direct interface with DigtaSoft Voice medical the Digta SonicMic 3 can perform all of essential speech recognition software commands just by pressing a button.

The integrated sound card of the Digta SonicMic 3 makes for optimum speech recording and playback. The Digta SonicMic 3 is ideally suited for use with the speech recognition DigtaSoft Voice medical. Nuance, the leading provider of speech recognition solutions, has already tested the microphone and awarded it the highest rating for recognition precision: six stars. Other highlights of the microphone are the easy control via trackpoint and mouse buttons as well as the polished surface of the buttons, minimizing the recording of touch noise.

Further details about the dictation device can be found on the Digta SonicMic 3 product page.

Digta SonicMic 3: The ideal dictation microphone for DigtaSoft Voice medical

ProductDigtaSoft Voice medical
Memory (RAM)At least 4 GB
ProcessorMinimum 2.4 GHz Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor with 2 MB processor Cache (SSE2 command set required Faster processors produce higher performance
Hard disk space5 GB
Further componentsSound card for 16 bit recording Internet Explorer 9 or current Mozilla Firefox or Chrome version Integrated microphone or Digta microphones
Operating systemMicrosoft® Windows 10 (64 Bit and 32 Bit) Microsoft® Windows 8.1 (64 Bit and 32 Bit) Microsoft® Windows 8 (64-Bit and 32-Bit) Microsoft® Windows 7 (64-Bit and 32-Bit) Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 R2
Hardware interfacesIntegrated microphone USB 1.1 or higher and Digta microphone
Release dateFeb 17
ProductDigta SonicMic 3
VersionV 1.0
Hardware interfacesUSB 1.1 or higher
Dimensions (L x B x H)about 183 x 45 x 25 mm Cable length about. 2.45 m
Weightabout 3.99 oz (without cable)
ConnectionsUSB port USB 2.0 Full Speed (compatibility from USB 1.1)
Configuration softwareDigta Configurator desk
Frequency range/Recording qualityRecording 200 Hz – 15,000 Hz Playback 200 Hz – 5 kHz
Internal speakerDynamic loudspeaker, diameter 28 mm, power output 750 mW
Operating temperature rangesStorage temperature: -20° C to +70° C Operating temperature: -5° C to +45° C
CasingShock-absorbing, high-quality plastic, unpainted; semi-gloss pitted housing shells and high-gloss polished buttons for reducing finger movement noise Non-skip tabletop on the bottom side
Configurable function keys3
In-built microphones1
Index functionyes
Info functionyes
Sampling ratesRecord: 11.025 – 12 – 16 - 22.05 - 32 kHz, 16 bit mono playback; 11,025 – 12 – 16 - 22.05 - 32 – 44,1 - 48 kHz, 16 bit mono
Key controlyes
MouseOptical trackpad, approximately 8x8 mm, adjustable mouse pointer speed, left mouse click executed by clicking the trackpad (can be deactivated), left and right mouse button (can be deactivated)
Release dateApr 17