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Grundig accessories for dictation solutions

A complete range of accessories is available for analogue and digital dictation devices and playback devices from Grundig Business Systems. You can order among other things Grundig accessories like rechargeable batteries, foot switches, cassettes, headphones, microphones, power supplies and pouches for analogue devices.

Comprehensive Grundig accessories for analogue dictation systems

For analogue dictation devices from the Stenorette range, the Steno-Cassette 30 cassette for example, is available. For dictation devices with a microcassette the Grundig accessories' range provides microcassettes. When it comes to headphones you can choose between the Digta Swingphone 568 headphone with under chin bow, the Digta Headphone 565 (classic headphone), the Digta Headphone 520 (Twin system headphone with neck bow) and the Digta Earphone 957 single earphone. Grundig accessories like footswitch 536, rechargeable batteries 462 and erase magnet 616 to erase a complete Steno-Cassette or microcassette are particularly in demand.

Genuine accessories for digital dictation devices, playback devices and PC microphones

Grundig accessories like rechargeable batteries, docking stations, foot switches, headphones, microphones, power supplies and USB cables are available for digital dictation devices and playback devices.

The Digta W/LAN adapter is part of the Grundig accessories and is steadily gaining more importance. It makes for quick, easy and above all wireless transfer of dictations within a network. You can also order genuine Grundig accessories for PC microphones and USB microphones, for example a barcode scanner.

Grundig accessories are appropriately used tools for analogue and digital dictation. These products optimise your dictation workflow and make your work with dictation systems even more comfortable. We only guarantee the perfect operativeness of our whole dictation systems if genuine accessories are used for the recording and playback devices from Grundig Business Systems.

Choose our accessories to be sure this is an investment that's well worth it. For: You can use analogue Grundig accessories for both analogue and digital Grundig products. If you are still working with analogue Grundig devices and want to move over to digital technology in the future, you will save on the cost of diverse accessories like headphones and foot switches as you can easily go on using existing accessories.