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Analogue dictation
Analogue dictation

Proven technology: An analogue dictation device from Grundig Business Systems

If you want to record dictations using a proven analogue dictation device from Grundig Business Systems you can choose between two systems: Stenorette dictation devices and dictation devices with micro cassettes. The Stenorette analogue dictation device with the Steno-cassette 30 have become indispensable tools for getting the day’s work done.

  1. Dh 2028

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    The professional mobile dictation device with microcassettes convinces through its value for money ratio. The station is also suitable for conference recordings.

  2. Dt 3110

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    This compact tabletop device with microcassettes allows recording and playback of dictations. The device has a liquid crystal display.

  3. Dt 3110 dictation station set

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    This complete playback set for microcassettes includes a tabletop station with liquid crystal display and microphone.

  4. Dt 3110 work station set

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    This transcription workstation is a complete playback station for microcassettes including headphones and foot switch.

Analogue dictation device from the Stenorette line

The name Stenorette has become a synonym for professional, analogue dictation devices “made in Germany” for a long time. The Stenorette device is available as portable dictation device as well as for recording and/or playback purposes at the transcription station. The analogue dictation device from the Stenorette line stands for dependability, user comfort and an attractive value for money ratio. These products by Grundig Business Systems are available over the long term. The German Institute for standardization has even defined as the DIN standard the Steno-cassette 30.

Microcassette dictation devices enjoy widespread application

In addition to its Stenorettes, analogue dictation devices with microcassettes from Grundig Business Systems are also available. With its Microcassette MC-45 Grundig Business Systems furthermore has been providing the world‘s most sold cassette systems. The Microcassette MC-45 is included to portable dictation machines as well as to devices for recording and playback used at workstations and transcription stations.


Best equipped on the go

Mobile analogue dictation devices equipped with Steno-cassette or microcassette can be used everywhere to record voice messages, as these dictation devices are sturdy and intuitively operable. The hand held dictation device Stenorette Sh 24 with Steno-cassette is ideally suitable for users having the need to dictate a lot. Thanks to its ergonomic slide switch this analogue dictation device rests easily in the user’s hand. The Sh 24 brings with it all essential functions to grant demanding dictation, like letter end index to mark tape sections allowing to quickly find them later via the search run function. Or warning beeps if there is no cassette in the drive, the battery is weak or the end of the tape is reached. The Dh 2018 is a popular analogue dictation device with microcassette.

Analogue dictation device for the workstation

Analogue dictation devices and playback devices for the PC workstation or transcription workstation – like Stenorette St 3220, Stenorette St 3221, or
Dt 3310
, are especially targeted at high dictation volumes. Depending on the requirements, you can upgrade your analogue dictation device with a microphone into a dictation station. You can also use your analogue dictation device for conference recordings. Using additional foot switches or headphones you can upgrade it into a fully-equipped transcription station.