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PC microphones
PC microphones

A dictation microphone „made in Germany“ – operated by a single hand

A dictation microphone made by Grundig Business Systems allows effortless recordings at your PC. All recording and playback functions are operated by a single hand. With the dictation microphones from the „Digta SonicMic“ series, Grundig Business Systems offers you various devices making for best results relating to speech recognition.

  1. DigtaSoft Voice professional Desktop Set

    Short description
    The DigtaSoft Voice speech recognition software is based on Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional. It is customized to the requirements of professional users and allows better recognition.

    Scope of delivery
    Digta SonicMic 3, single user licence for PC software DigtaSoft Voice professional including activation of the DigtaSoft Voice interface in DigtaSoft Pro and PC software DigtaSoft Pro

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USB microphones for intuitive operation

A dictation device made by Grundig Business Systems is intuitively operable and therefore is easy to handle. You select the dictation software and simply concentrate on your words. Thanks to its non-slip Soft Touch composite finish, the dictation microphone rests easily in the user’s hand – also during continuous operation. The speech recording quality of a dictation device made by Grundig Business Systems ensures brilliant sound results in connection with speech recognition software. All microphones are USB microphones.

Beneficial: Individual user settings

The Digta SonicMic II especially fulfills the highest demands on professional dictation. What’s special: Only with this dictation microphone you can

configure the slide switch sensitivity and the mouse control speed according to your own convenience.

All function keys of this dictation microphone are programmable with 3 functions. The smooth, extra long design allows for comfortable arm positioning during dictation. The dictation microphone’s extremely low power consumption is a further advantage.

Documentation security thanks to barcode scanner

Documentation security is one of the most important priorities for many hospitals, offices and other administrations during their workflow. The Digta SonicMic II dictation microphone is ideally suited for this purpose. It is delivered with an interface for a barcode scanner. With the plug-in module you can, for example, scan dictation numbers and assign them precisely to specific files.