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Digital dictation
Digital dictation

Digital dictation device – comfortably recorded digital dictations

A mobile digital dictation device from Grundig Business Systems is for those who want to record dictations from anywhere. You can transmit the speech files immediately to the office and to the secretary or the transcription service from your laptop by UMTS connection or network card. Your digital dictation device is the ideal on-the-go assistant for the recording of voice files.

Mobile digital dictation device offering latest dictation technology

You will gain from the numerous benefits of digital dictation technology: later insertion of text passages into existing recordings, easy location of dictations, space saving archiving and more protection during dictation transfer – thanks to the dictation encryption and PIN/PUK functions for your digital dictation device.

You will be impressed with the quality “Made in Germany” of the digital dictation devices from Grundig Business Systems. They are ergonomically designed and easy to use. These dictation devices are equipped with the latest digital dictation technology. For mobile recordings, digital dictation devices from the „Digta 7“ series are especially suitable. The Digta 7 is distinguished by technical innovation and is setting new standards for digital dictation technology when it comes to simplicity, efficiency, mobility, safety and quality.

The Digta 7 Premium is a Premium digital dictation device which can be ideally adjusted according to the user’s individual way of working. Thanks to


the position sensor it's also best suited for left-handed operation. Another special feature of this digital dictation device is the use of speech recognition for creating a dictation ID. Like all the other dictation devices from the "Digta 7“ series the Digta 7 Premium is ideally suited for use with speech recognition.

You can record dictations on the spot with the Digta 7 as well as with the Digta 7 Push – the dictation device from the Digta 7 series with push buttons. Thanks to the “Easy Mode” both devices are especially suited for beginners and for those new to the digital experience: anybody who simply wants to record dictations. Just start out with your digital dictation device!

PC microphones and USB microphones for recordings at the workstation

PC microphones and USB microphones like the Digta SonicMic 3 are appreciated for their user-friendly operation and the high quality speech recordings of digital dictations. These microphones also make for best results relating to speech recognition.