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Comprehensive packages
Comprehensive packages

Simple digital dictation: Digta 7 dictation device complete package

Digital dictation could not be simpler: Get a dictation device complete package with headphones and foot switch! We have a selection of complete packages with Digta 7 dictation devices. The solutions are ideal, whether you are new to dictation or just want to transition to digital dictation! Both systems can also be used for transcription.

  1. Digta 7 Starter Kit with DigtaSoft One

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    Simply ingenious: This reasonably priced package includes a digital Digta 7 dictation device and a transcription workstation. It is especially suited for beginners and for those new to the digital experience.

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    Digta 7, power cable 477, battery pack 962, USB cable, carrying case, hand strap, foot switch 540 USB, Swingphone 568 Jack, single user licence for PC software DigtaSoft One

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Attractive starter package: The Digta 7 dictation device complete package

The Digta 7 Starter Kit is a complete package with the Digta 7 dictation
device – a mobile dictation device for beginners and transitioners. This complete package, containing a dictation device, foot switch, and headphones, provides you the advantages of the modern digital dictation technology from Grundig Business Systems.

Dictate simply while on the go – transferring dictations is extremely easy! You need only connect your dictation device to the PC, click on “DSSMover Portable”, and the dictation is transferred. You only have to configure the Digta 7 once. The DSSMover Portable transfers the dictations to the pre-determined folder. The complete package with dictation device also contains a transcription station, which consists of headphones and a foot switch for the PC. The DigtaSoft One beginner software is installed after only a few clicks. The low price of the complete package with Digta 7 dictation device is an added bonus.


The independent dictation system

The Digta 7 Stand-Alone Kit is also a complete package with Digta 7 dictation device. It makes you independent of your PC. This complete package with dictation device, docking station, foot switch, and headphones can be set up without installing any software. Nor is integration with any existing IT structure necessary.

You simply dictate with your dictation device and then hand the device off to your secretarial staff. The dictation is played back directly from the docking station, to which the headphones and the foot switch are connected. This makes playback and search child's play – like the transcription of cassette dictations. But the playback quality of a digital dictation is much better. Each dictation can be called up individually and, upon completion, deleted individually. This complete package with Digta 7 dictation device wins customers over with its independence from the PC. And without software, dictation becomes especially cost-efficient.