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Mobile devices
Mobile devices

Dictate on the go:
With a portable dictation device

With a digital portable dictation device from Grundig Business Systems, you are always location-independent and can dictate when you are out of the office. You transfer your recorded dictations quickly and conveniently to the desired secretarial staff either from your PC or directly from your portable dictation device using DSSMover. Digital dictation can be that easy!

  1. Digta 7 Push with DigtaSoft One

    Short description
    The dictation device with push buttons from the “Digta7” series allows easy and efficient recording of your dictations. It is especially suited for beginners and those new to the digital experience.

    Scope of delivery
    Digta 7 Push, two AAA batteries, USB cable, carrying case, hand strap, single user licence for PC software DigtaSoft One

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More flexibility with a portable dictation device

Every device in the Digta 7 series from Grundig Business Systems fulfills the requirements of a modern digital portable dictation device – with respectd to quality, simplicity, efficiency, security, and, of course, mobility. These mobile dictation devices grant you more flexibility. You can dictate during your commute or at home. With a portable dictation device, attorneys have the option of recording important information in the courtroom or while visiting the client. And physicians can dictate material while making rounds.

These devices are also equipped with helpful functions that make your daily work substantially easier. For instance, a digital portable dictation device allows you to insert text into an existing dictation, assign priorities to your dictations, and send them to the desired secretarial staff or typing pool within seconds.

If you want to ensure that only your secretarial staff can listen to the dictation, you have the option of encrypting it.

And you can dictate even more effectively by using the data list function, for instance. It allows you to save selected basic data directly to your portable dictation device, which you can call up on the go. The dictations can be made “to the patient” or “to the client”, for example, so that reliable allocation is guaranteed. The Digta 7 Premium can save up to 1,000 data sets. The convenient search and filter function guarantees extremely quick access. The data lists on your portable dictation device are always up-to-date because information is automatically reconciled with the leading system (such as KIS in hospitals).

Take advantage of the many benefits that a portable dictation device from Grundig Business Systems offers!