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The Bayreuth company Grundig Business Systems stands for innovative, economical, and efficient solutions for professional voice recording and processing. We develop and produce our products on the foundation of customer requirements and at the highest level of quality. Our systems are ergonomic, user-friendly, and feature outstanding design.



The customer decides on the purchase of our products. Therefore, customer orientation and user convenience are the focus of our activities. Giving consideration to the company's interests, our goal is to incorporate our customers' desires and expectations into our products and to develop, produce, and market those products and the highest level of quality. We give special consideration to pioneering new solutions so that we can exceed our customers' expectations with our  performance and range of products. Our products are ergonomic, user-friendly, and remarkable for their high-quality design. In dialogue with the customer, we constantly seek the best and most economical solutions for him, which we implement together. The same is true for contract manufacture. The measure of our success is the satisfaction of our customers


Grundig Business Systems (GBS) stands for innovative, economical, and efficient systems and solutions in the area of professional voice recording and processing. With our premium products, we position ourselves in the upper segment of the market as the quality leader and sell our products through a network of qualified partners. We constantly strive to maintain leadership in this areas as well as in technology and seek a continued expansion of our sales presence. The business field of  manufacturing services is a second pillar of the company. The measure of our work is the economic success of the company.


We all (employees, executives,  employers) contribute jointly – both in our persons and in our efforts – to the success of the company. Our fundamental principles are industriousness, expertise, open communication, and team spirit. Decision processes here are transparent and oriented on facts and focus on the success of the company. The goal is to secure the well-being of the company, maintain e Achieving these goals is also the standard for our work.

Suppliers and partners

An organization is dependent on its suppliers and partners, and vice versa. We strive to attain a win-win situation that allows value to be added to both sides. We work constructively, dependably, and in partnership with our suppliers and business partners. In doing so, the standard for our operations is joint success.


We are the quality leader – our customers expect the highest quality. That is why consciousness of quality and individual responsibility on the part of employees and suppliers alike are of highest priority. Our zero-error strategy is realized by means of preventive measures and a continuous improvement of our processes. The standard of our success is the quality results.


Together with other societal influences, we intend to make a contribution to sustainable development. To do this aspiration justice, we formulate mid- to long-term goals that are subjected to regular review and further development.