Our solutions for medical practitioners

Our solutions for medical practitioners

Quicker diagnoses, more satisfied patients

The documentation requirements in the medical field are immense: large numbers of medical reports are generated every day. Using a digital dictation system instead of conventional tape recordings offers tremendous savings opportunities. Dictation work is better distributed and work processes are accelerated. Medical practices can also profit from the tailored solutions from Grundig Business Systems.

Professional dictation and speech recognition solutions for medical practitioners

Professional dictation and speech recognition solutions for medical practitioners
  • desktop and mobile dictation solutions for health professionals
  • data list function for secure patient assignment and comfortable messaging function with “Dicta 7 Messaging”
  • secure and flexible data transfer via WLAN or LAN
  • central device administration via Central Digta configurator
  • local and central speech recognition solutions for health professionals
  • HIS connection through HL7 interface

A documented return on investment of less than 24 months is attainable in the area of document generation if hospitals or medical practices invest in professional digital dictation solutions. To this end, Grundig Business Systems offers medical facilities stationary and mobile solutions that are tailored to their needs and meet all the requirements of a dictation system.

Complete mobility and secure document generation
In the hectic hospital and practice routine, physicians desire great flexibility in order to produce the necessary diagnoses in a timely manner. The challenge may be that there are not PC workstations available everywhere or that a high degree of mobility is needed. Opens external link in new windowMobile dictation devices with outstanding ergonomics are the optimal tools to deal with these issues, especially when they are equipped with a convenient notification function such as Digta 7 Messaging. Using a link to the HIS, this function allows exchange of information such as patient name, date of birth, etc. between the physician’s dictation device and the dictation software in the PC network. This gives the physician additional information, allowing him to work better and faster when he is out of his office. The patient list function also allows an individual dictation to be unambiguously assigned to a specific patient. This can be performed with the help of a Opens external link in new windowbarcode scanner.

To fulfil the particularly high security requirements in the medical sector, the option of protecting dictations with 256-bit encryption is provided. Mobile dictation devices can be protected with a PIN code from access by unauthorized individuals.

Flexible dictation transmission ensures quick medical report generation
Quick medical report generation requires the fastest possible transfer of recorded dictations into the dictation network. The Opens external link in new windowDigta W/LAN Adapter offers you the capability of transferring dictations to the Opens external link in new windowmedical secretarial staff (internal or external) immediately, even without a PC! Any LAN connection or – if available – WLAN is suitable for dictation transmission. The adapter can be connected to any docking station and thus be used with any Digta dictation device. The Digta W/LAN Adapter’s security settings ensure that dictations will only be transferred to the network. There is no possibility of a security breach through a USB port.

Central device management
In hospitals, it is especially important that the hardware can be administered centrally in order to save time and money. The Opens external link in new windowCentral Digta Configurator provides you a database-based software application for administering and configuring dictation devices. It makes it very easy for administrators to adapt dictation devices to the institution’s requirements and integrate them optimally into the workflow.

Even more efficient with speech recognition
Today, more and more physicians are investing not only in digital dictation, but in speech recognition. The recognition rates, which have become extremely high, allow document generation to be accelerated even more. With Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Voice medical, Grundig Business Systems offers a solution for medical practitioners. It is specially tailored to professional dictation and the hardware from GBS. An additional advantage is that the speech recognition application contains specialized professional medical vocabularies such as terms used in general or internal medicine, psychiatry, radiology, surgery, orthopaedics, neurology, and cardiology. This makes it easy to attain high recognition performance. DigtaSoft Voice medical functions well with both the Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Pro dictation software and various patient management systems such as PACS and HIS. You can dictate directly into the form and text fields in almost all applications.

HIS connection through an HL7 interface
For interaction with leading applications such as HIS and PACS, Grundig Business Systems has made various interfaces available. One example of such a solution is the Opens external link in new windowDigta HL7 Service. A connection to almost any HIS can be made on the basis of this standard protocol. The HL7 interface is used to transfer patient data to the dictation system and send notifications about generated dictations to the HIS (see “Digta 7 Messaging”). This ensures an unambiguous patient assignment during dictation and transcription, even over mobile dictation devices. Information about dictations concerning patients can continue to be displayed in the HIS work list.

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