HIS connection and HL7 service

HIS connection and HL7 service

Interfaces for a smooth process

Do you need a dictation or speech recognition software solution for your clinic or practice which is specifically designed for the medical industry and which is compatible with its existing systems? Hardware and software by Grundig Business Systems can be easily used in combination with defined interfaces that run prominent applications such as HIS and PACS.

Interfaces for an ideal workflow

Interfaces for an ideal workflow
  • interfaces for the integration or connection of various „Grundig Business Systems“ solutions
  • interaction with leading applications such as HIS and PACS
  • DigtaSoft HL7 Service The interface that is suitable for use within a HIS
  • bi-directional communication via Digta Messaging system
  • integration of hardware and software development kit
  • customer-specific adjustments

The dictation and playback software solution Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Pro is part of the workflow system for document creation in hospitals. Depending on the structure of the workflow, it may be useful to use DigtaSoft Pro and/or associated hardware and software components in combination with components produced by other manufacturers. There are defined interfaces for this purpose which are designed to meet different requirements, these are divided into two categories: integration and connection.

Integration is when an individual component is directly integrated into another application, e.g. HIS. For users, the integrated components constitute part of the main application. Connection is when an application runs separately, but interacts through interfaces such as a HL7 communications server In terms of advantages, integration uses a single interface and is easier to use, whereas connection often boasts a wider range of functions and a better price-performance ratio.

The variety of interfaces offered by Grundig Business Systems provides solutions for almost all requirements and is guaranteed to work with leading applications such as HIS and PACS.

HL7 interface for communications servers
The DigtaSoft HL7 service is an example of an interface that is suitable for use within a HIS. Using this standard protocol it is possible to establish connections with almost every HIS. The HL7 interface is used to transfer patient data to the dictation system and to send messages about recorded dictations to the HIS. By doing this it is possible to ensure unambiguous patient assignment when dictating and transcribing with the aid of mobile dictation devices. Moreover, it is also possible to display details of the dictation about the patient in the HIS work list.

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Command line interface

The DigtaSoft Pro application can be extensively controlled using command line parameters. So, for example a button in a master system may be used to transfer DigtaSoft Pro information to a data set and to start recording a dictation on the recorder device. No programming knowledge is required to use command line parameters, which means they can be used by a system administrator. The command line interface can be combined with the XML interface.

XML interface
DigtaSoft Pro can process XML files in accordance with the Digta XML specifications. This allows information about already recorded dictations (or future dictations) to be passed on to the DigtaSoft recorder or player. Information from the XML file is adopted directly in the DSS header of the dictation files and is therefore available in the rest of the workflow.

Digta Messaging System
The Digta Messaging System (DMS) is an interface for dictation devices in the “Digta 7” series. Bi-directional communication can be established using the DMS, thus allowing data or messages to be sent to the dictation device and enabling responses from the dictation device to be analysed using a separate system.

Integration of the Hardware Development Kit
The Digta Hardware Development Kit (HDK) contains components which allow Grundig Business Systems’ dictation and playback hardware to be used to record and control other systems. For example, it is possible to control playback software with a foot switch or to convert dictations from a mobile dictation device and send them to a separate system.

Integration of the Software Development Kit

Using the Digta Software Development Kit (SDK) it is possible to integrate functions such recording, playback, and other speech processing tools into other applications. Good programming knowledge is required in order to use the Digta SDK to integrate functions into separate applications and is therefore carried out by the Grundig Business Systems’ developer support.

Customer-specific adaptations
If necessary, it is possible to extend or customise interfaces if the existing interfaces do not meet the customer’s requirements. This is done in consultation with the manufacturers of the systems in question.

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