Medical speech recognition

Medical speech recognition

Solutions for hospitals and physicians

Grundig Business Systems (GBS) has long been more than just a dictation device manufacturer. It also provides professional solutions specifically for the medical sector. GBS and the partners we have certified serve as a one-stop provider for hospitals and physicians in the area of speech processing, supplying everything from consulting to proven dictation device hardware to dictation management software to project management and complete life cycle service. All this, of course, also involves a variety of products from the area of speech recognition.

An all-around solution for physicians: DigtaSoft Voice medical speech recognition

An all-around solution for physicians: DigtaSoft Voice medical speech recognition
  • advantages of the DigtaSoft Voice medical speech recognition for health professionals
  • speech recognition solutions for the server: Offline recognition using the Central Voice Transcriber, online recognition and Dragon Medical 360 I Direct

Advantages of the DigtaSoft Voice medical speech recognition

The DigtaSoft Voice medical speech recognition is based on the leading speech recognition application from Nuance. It is specially tailored to DigtaSoft Pro professional dictation and playback software and the hardware from GBS. Functions designed for private users have been disabled. This makes the application faster, easier to operate, and better at recognition.

Additional advantages:

  • extensive selection of medical vocabularies (for general or internal medicine, psychiatry, radiology, surgery, orthopaedics, neurology, and cardiology)
  • direct integration into DigtaSoft Pro
  • support for patient administration systems
  • optional proofreading by medical transcription specialists
  • encryption
  • transparent dictation window during work in other applications (such as PACS)
  • medical diagnosis templates, formatting rules, search commands
  • medical instruction set

You can record your diagnosis with a mobile dictation device (such as the Digta 7 Premium) or PC microphone (such as Digta SonicMic 3) while maintaining your natural speech rhythm. You have the option of looking at the recognized text directly yourself if you wish to do the proofreading. Or you can have secretarial staff do it. The advantage is that even corrections made by secretarial staff improve the recognition vocabulary.

DigtaSoft Voice medical is available in a set with a headset, PC microphone, or mobile dictation device.

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