Medical transcription service

Medical transcription service

Transcribe dictations quickly and reliably

Many clinics and practising physicians rely on medical transcription services – in-house or external. The transmission of recorded dictations or conversations to a typing pool usually occurs quickly and efficiently online or over a VPN connection. Grundig Business Systems offers various solutions for dictation transcription.

The professional transcription service for medical practitioners

The professional transcription service for medical practitioners
  • advantages of a professional transcription service (in-house and external)
  • transcription workstations from Grundig Business Systems
  • transcription of dictations recorded via speech recognition

Advantages of a professional transcription service

In hospitals, dictations are usually transcribed by in-house or external typing pools, while in practices, physicians occasionally do it themselves or hand transcription off to the secretarial staff. But using a professional medical transcription service has many advantages:

  • The secretarial staff or assistants can be assigned to other tasks.
  • Personnel shortages during holiday periods or due to illnesses can be compensated for more easily.
  • Dictations can be distributed faster. All this saves time and money.
  • Professional transcribers specialize in typing out dictations and therefore usually process more dictations in the same amount of time.
  • The process of writing a medical report is accelerated and processing times shortened.
  • The patient’s treating physicians are happier because documents reach them more quickly.

Dictations can be transmitted quickly to an in-house or external medical typing pool simply and quickly online or over a VPN connection. Nor need you worry about data security. Dictations that are recorded with DSSPro can be encrypted during the dictation process or after its completion and then sent (only with Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Pro).

Work station solutions for medical secretarial staff
We recommend that professional secretarial staff use our Opens external link in new windowDigta Transcription Premium Kit for transcription of digital dictations. It contains headphones, a foot switch, and the Opens external link in new windowDigta Soundbox 830 for dictation playback. The Soundbox’s integrated sound card provides the highest sound quality, independent of the PC system used, making errors due to misunderstanding rare.

Transcription of speech-recognition-based dictations
Clinics and practices are increasingly employing Opens external link in new windowspeech recognition applications – usually ones designed especially for medical practitioners. If you don’t want to see the recognition process while you are dictating and wish to continue having an assistant correct your texts, the recognition process can be set up to run at a proofreading station (Opens external link in new windowoff-line speech recognition). You need not change your work processes. You continue to dictate with a mobile dictation device and send the speech file to your secretarial staff. The advantage is that the physician is not distracted by the recognition window. The corrections made by the secretarial staff nevertheless improve his user vocabulary and thus his recognition rate. The secretarial staff can complete the proofreading process significantly faster than transcription.

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