Mobile diagnosis

Mobile diagnosis

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Benefit from faster medical records and diagnosis using mobile digital dictation! This technology provides doctors and hospitals with new options such as secure patient assignment using mobile recorded dictations. Speech recognition can also simplify the work of doctors’ who don’t want to make dictations at a fixed workplace.

Mobile dictation and speech recognition

Mobile dictation and speech recognition
  • mobile diagnosis with portable dictation recorders like Digta 7
  • all-in-one solution for hospitals with mobile dictation devices, DigtaSoft HL7 service and WLAN adapters.
  • secure dictation transfer using WLAN or LAN
  • easy dictation creation by means of speech recognition
  • secure patient assignment via barcode scanner

In the past doctors were much more mobile thanks to cassette-based dictation devices; but modern hospital information systems (HIS) have led to doctors becoming bound to fixed workstations. For years Grundig Business Systems have been optimising technology which makes mobile dictation possible in modern networked hospital systems, this includes portable digital dictation devices with patient data lists, WLAN stations, barcode readers and other solutions. Portable solutions are increasingly in demand in the medical field. For this reason more and more hospitals are using tablet PCs and even smartphones. Doctors also prefer a mobile approach for making dictations. Mobile digital dictation devices such as the Opens external link in new window“Digta7” series feature a range of useful functions and are also easy to use. This makes them perfect for use on the go.

Complete solution for hospitals
With the new Opens external link in new windowDigta HL7 service, the mobile “Digta7” dictation device and the Opens external link in new windowDigta W/LAN adapters Grundig Business Systems offer an all-round solution for mobile working in hospitals. The Digta HL7 service connects as a server-based application directly to the HIS or to the HL7 communication server and ensures that up to date patient data is available on the dictation device. This allows doctors to dictate directly to the patient (Opens external link in new windowdata list function). As many as 1000 data sets can be stored on the mobile dictation device. Quick access is made possible by an easy-to-use search and filter function, and most notably, a Opens external link in new windowbarcode reader. The Digta HL7 service guarantees secure patient assignment in the HIS.

Secure dictation transfer using WLAN or LAN
Once the dictation has been recorded it must be transferred to the medical transcription service as quickly as possible. However, sometimes there aren’t enough available suitable PC workstations to import the dictations. In other cases it may not be appropriate to connect USB removable media devices due to security reasons. The Digta W/LAN adapter makes it possible to transfer dictations via a network cable (LAN) or wireless connection (Wi-Fi) to the medical transcription service. The adapter can be connected to the docking station of any Digta dictation device and therefore used with any Digta dictation device. The Digta W/LAN adapter security settings ensure that dictations can only be transferred within the network.

Simplified document creation with the aid of speech recognition
Dictations can also be interpreted using speech recognition via Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Voice medical (Opens external link in new windowoffline speech recognition). This technology is able to recognise medical vocabulary such as general and internal medicine, psychiatry, radiology, surgery, orthopaedics, neurology and cardiology. The transcription service thus only needs to make final corrections. The corrections enrich the user-vocabulary, which in turn improve the recognition rate. We recommend hospitals use a central offline speech recognition solution.

The barcode scanner: An alternative for secure patient assignment
Mobile dictation is particularly easy with the barcode scanner Opens external link in new windowDigta Scan 407. Like the data list function on the “Digta 7” series, this device also enables speech recordings to be linked with patient numbers. This saves time and money because it removes the need for transcription services to manually assign recordings to patients, allowing them to begin transcribing immediately.

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