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More flexibility
Thanks to mobile solutions

As an attorney, you are a prime candidate for a digital dictation system with which you can better distribute dictation work and significantly accelerate your office’s work processes. Grundig Business Systems will help you find the right solution for your office.



Time savings that pay off

Many lawyers are already aware of the enormous time savings made possible by using speech recognition. The tedious typing of the recordings in the secretariat becomes superfluous. This reduces costs, increases the quality of the documentation and creates freedom for the personnel involved. Thanks to artificial intelligence and stored legal vocabulary, the recognition performance is very good right from the start.

Dictate on the go as usual

Do you dictate a lot on the go with a mobile dictation machine? Then your way of working will not change. Your recordings are simply converted from text recognition to text. The time saved in the secretariat is 50% and more, because correcting a text is twice as fast as typing it completely. "With this speech recognition, I can continue to dictate normally and at the same time increase efficiency," says Dr. Christina Blanken, lawyer at Völker & Partner.

Complete documents immediately on the PC

Anyone who dictates directly on the PC can track the recognition in real time. The application is dictated directly, e.g. a word processing program, your emails or your client management. The voice recognition can be operated easily and intuitively and the documents are available without delay. Server-based speech recognition saves resources on the lawyers' computers and makes it possible to dictate directly in any application. "So far, there has only been positive feedback from my colleagues," said Romerio of Homburger AG in Zurich. Even lawyers who have previously worked without a dictation appreciate the new system.

We enable server-based speech recognition

Numerous offices rely on a server-based infrastructure with thin clients. Many speech recognition providers have nothing suitable for this. Grundig Business Systems also has a solution for most cases. This also convinced Homburger AG, one of the most important commercial law firms in Switzerland. "The multilingual dictation solution via our server-based Citrix environments best meets our needs and allows us to dictate regardless of device and location," explains Flavio Romerio.

More efficient cooperation with the secretariat

Thanks to our solutions, you have more time for sales-related activities. With a mobile digital dictation device, you can dictate on the go at any time and enter information such as file number, priority and other details for your typist on the dictation. The dictations are then simply sent to your typist. They can decide for themselves whether they want to type the text themselves or have it implemented by voice recognition. This way, your documents are transcribed promptly and efficiently.



Dragon Legal Anywhere

Article number: DDS4002DE
Short description

Bei dieser professionellen Spracherkennung handelt es sich um eine serverbasierte Lösung mit juristischem Wortschatz. Sie ermöglicht das Diktat direkt in der Anwendung z.B. auch in juristischen Fachapplikationen.

Scope of delivery

Lizenz zur Server-Installation

CVT – Central Voice Transcriber

Article number: PDS1000-72
Short description

This software controls the DigtaSoft Voice speech recognition as offline recognition of dictations on a central network computer. Increase your performance now!

Scope of delivery

Licence for one Central Voice Transcriber