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Homburger AG relies on innovative solutions from Grundig Business Systems

With over 150 lawyers and tax experts, Homburger AG is one of the most important commercial law firms in Switzerland. As part of the technical modernization of the law firm, Homburger has replaced the analog dictation system with Dragon Professional Anywhere with a contemporary speech recognition solution. Nuance software with the appropriate vocabulary enables the dictation to be converted into text immediately. "The multilingual dictation solution via our server-based Citrix environments best meets our needs and allows us to dictate regardless of device and location," explains Flavio Romerio.

Server-based speech recognition

Dragon Professional Anywhere is the first and only speech recognition solution on the market that can be implemented in server-based Citrix environments. This saves valuable resources on the users' computers and at the same time allows you to work anywhere. The operation of the software is simple and practically self-explanatory: The Digta SonicMic 3 PC microphone is used to dictate directly into an application on the PC - e.g. Word or Outlook -, the language is immediately converted into text and displayed on the screen in real time. Each user can set up their own language profile and access it from any computer.

Grundig Business Systems as launch partner

The software was installed by Grundig Business Systems as launch partner before the official release. "It was a privilege for us to be the first to introduce such an innovative product," said Milan Lukac, IT team leader at Homburger AG. After two months of testing, in which the initial challenges of the beta version were quickly resolved thanks to the good technical support from Grundig Business Systems, the speech recognition solution has been in real operation since September 2018. "So far, there has only been positive feedback from my colleagues," summarizes Romerio. Even lawyers who have previously worked without a dictation appreciate the new system.

Dragon Professional Anywhere by Nuance

The simple, flexible and server-based solution offers online speech recognition for professional document creation in real time. The software can be used on all devices in a Windows-based infrastructure, including virtualized PCs and PCs with remote access, even in Citrix environments.

Grundig Business Systems GmbH

Grundig Business Systems GmbH (GBS) is a medium-sized production and service company based in Bayreuth. The company stands for innovative, economical and efficient complete solutions in professional speech processing and is one of the top experts for the consultation and installation of speech recognition systems. Further information at

Homburger AG

As a leading Swiss law firm, Zurich-based Homburger AG advises and represents companies and entrepreneurs in all aspects of commercial law - on transactions, proceedings and complex advisory mandates in a national and international environment.
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