Our solutions for attorneys

Our solutions for attorneys

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In the legal profession, there is a great deal of writing and dictation. On average, almost a quarter of an attorney’s time is spent with his dictation device. Modern attorneys work from anywhere, use VPN connections to work flexibly, and rely heavily on mobile dictation devices.

Professional dictation and speech recognition solutions for attorneys

Professional dictation and speech recognition solutions for attorneys
  • advantages of digital dictation and speech recognition for lawyers
  • mobile dictation for more efficient workflow
  • DigtaSoft Voice legal speech recognition for lawyers
  • protection during dictation and dictation transfer
  • dictation made easy
  • save costs thanks to digital dictation

As an attorney, you are a prime candidate for a digital dictation system with which you can better distribute dictation work and significantly accelerate your office’s work processes. Grundig Business Systems will help you find the right solution for your office.

More efficient work processes
Take advantage of the many benefits of digital dictation and/or speech recognition! Our solutions give you more time for activities that will generate revenue. A Opens external link in new windowmobile digital dictation device allows you to dictate at any time, even when your are out of the office, and add information such as file number, priority, and other details for your secretarial staff to the generated dictation. You can then transmit the dictations simply to your smartphone using Bluetooth, for example, and send them by e-mail to your secretarial staff. This ensures that your documents will be transcribed promptly.

If you dictate in your office, you can immediately transmit the dictations to your office’s dictation network. To do this, simply place the dictation device into the docking station or connect it with a USB cable to your PC. Our DssMover will do the rest. It retrieves the dictations from your device and sends them to the predetermined target folder. Your secretarial staff receive a notification when a new dictation arrives. They transcribe it as they normally would – even using their familiar analog Opens external link in new windowGrundig accessories such as Opens external link in new windowheadphones and Opens external link in new windowfoot switch. The improved quality of digitally recorded dictations will ensure that your secretarial staff send you fewer queries.

You can also invest in speech recognition in connection with a mobile dictation device or a PC microphone. With Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Voice legal, Grundig Business Systems offers you a solution specially designed for attorneys. It takes into account the requirements of those who dictate professionally and contains legal terminology for better recognition performance.

Highest level of security
In legal work, security has the highest priority. That is why we offer the best possible protection for your data with 256-bit encryption. A dictation recorded with DSSPro can be automatically encrypted during the dictation process. You can also encrypt unprotected DSS and DSSPro dictations after they have been generated. The dictations are decrypted by the dictation devices and by the Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Pro speech processing software given the appropriate password. You can also protect your dictation device from unauthorized access with a PIN.

If you would like to allocate your dictations to particular files, we recommend you use a Opens external link in new windowbar code scanner, which will allow you to automatically allocate each dictation to the appropriate case and eliminate the possibility of a mix-up. This means more security than you have with analog dictation.

Dictate simply and conveniently
The transition to digital dictation is easy. You’ll see: Our digital dictation devices stand out for their user-friendly guidance and operation. They are equipped with proven, ergonomic Grundig sliding switches, which are familiar from the analog devices, and have a logical menu control. Our mobile dictation devices’ “easy mode” allows you to concentrate on the essentials while you dictate. Only the most important basic functions are displayed. But modifying dictations is easy to do: The insert function allows you to insert text into an existing dictation. This makes dictation especially easy.

Our dictation devices are also known for their robustness and ergonomic design. We have also made provision for left-handed users: The Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 Premium can be operated with the left thumb. It is not necessary to shift position in order to read the display because its content automatically rotates with the natural hand position. The comfortable, anti-skid Softtouch surface also recommends the premium devices.

Reduce costs
Digital dictation allows you to reduce the number of transcription errors and the number of interactions between attorney and secretarial staff necessary to correct them. This is because the sound quality is significantly better than that of analog dictation devices. The simple, quick forwarding of dictations also contributes to the speed improvement over analog dictation. The result is that you reduce the amount of time between dictation and the final text. This means that you are not as pressed for time and that you experience less stress; accelerated processes lead to quicker billing. Clients are happier because their legal office produces their documents quicker. You can accelerate document generation over analog dictation by up to 30%. The use of speech recognition provides another 20% time savings.

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