Speech recognition for lawyers

Speech recognition for lawyers

Solutions for single workstations and networks

Whether for a single lawyer or for larger offices: Grundig Business Systems offers customised speech recognition solutions for the legal business. You can choose between a solution which is especially suitable for a single workstation and a network solution.

More efficient dictation – with DigtaSoft Voice legal

More efficient dictation – with DigtaSoft Voice legal
  • advantages of the DigtaSoft Voice legal speech recognition
  • specialised vocabulary for the legal sector
  • online speech recognition
  • offline speech recognition

The speech recognition Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Voice legal is based on the leading Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition application. Advantages for you: DigtaSoft Voice legal includes comprehensive specialised vocabulary from the legal field. It provides terminology like legal terms and abbreviations, considering differing spellings of legal documents. Therefore DigtaSoft Voice legal is ideally suited for lawyers, tax consultants, judges, attorneys and financial auditors.

DigtaSoft Voice legal is specially tailored to professional dictation and hardware from Grundig Business Systems. This makes the application faster, simpler to operate, and better at recognition. The speech recognition can be used with a mobile dictation device and with a PC microphone according to your natural speech rhythm. You may choose as well, whether you want to see the recognized text directly in order to do your own corrections (Opens external link in new windowonline speech recognition), or you want to go on working as usual and let the secretary do the corrections (Opens external link in new windowoffline speech recognition). The vocabulary recognition rate is automatically improved by the secretary’s corrections.

The benefits of DigtaSoft Voice legal at a glance:

  • Software customised to the requirements of professional users
  • Accelerates document generation by up to 50%
  • Includes interface for DigtaSoft Pro for more efficient dictation workflow
  • Requires only a minor effort to “learn the ropes” and can be integrated into existing work processes
  • Automatic vocabulary improvement of speech profile during proofreading
  • Composition of individual vocabularies based on existing documents
  • Administration of even larger user groups
  • In combination with DigtaSoft Pro, all options for dictation generation are open: digital dictation, on-line recognition, and off-line recognition

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