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Speech recognition on the PC or on the go

Anyone who dictates directly on the PC can track the recognition in real time. Dictation takes place directly in the application, e.g. in a word processing program or in your emails. Voice recognition is easy and intuitive to use, and documents are immediately available.

If you are on the go from time to time and dictate outside of your office, we recommend using our Digta 7 mobile dictation device. Operation is particularly easy with the slide switch and with the "Easy Mode" there is a menu variant in which only the essential dictation functions are displayed. So you can fully concentrate on dictating. Your recordings are simply converted from text recognition to text. The time saved in the secretariat is 50% and more, because correcting a text is twice as fast as typing it completely.

Your competent partner for installation and training

Grundig Business Systems has already successfully implemented many projects and knows that in addition to the correct installation of the system, it is primarily the training of the users that is important. Together with you we develop training concepts for administrators and users and make recommendations for your workflow optimization. This is how you get an "all-round carefree package": from conceptual advice to installation and training, our professional staff will be happy to assist you.


Dragon Professional Anywhere

Article number: DDS4001
Short description

This professional speech recognition is a server-based solution. It enables direct dictation in numerous applications.

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