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Efficient dictation for police forces

Grundig Business Systems offers dictation and speech recognition solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of police departments. As in other industries, the trend here is toward digital dictation and speech recognition. Digital dictation devices’ outstanding audio quality gives them an advantage, and the dictations they produce can be optimally distributed and transcribed thanks to suitable workflow software. This optimizes police work processes and cuts administration costs. We help you discover the best possible solution for your force.

Your advantages

Create documents promptly with speech recognition

With the digital dictation alone, you can reduce the time between dictation and completed typesetting by up to 30% compared to the analog dictation. For you, that means less time pressure and less stress. And you have more time for other important tasks. Using voice recognition can save you even more time and even instantly finish documents yourself. Regardless of whether you work in the office or in the field, Grundig Business Systems has the right solution for you.

Server-based solutions for more efficiency

If there are several users of speech recognition in your authority, we recommend the use of server-based network solutions. With this software, the speech recognition is controlled centrally on a network computer, so that the capacities on the computers of the dictators and typists remain free. Grundig Business Systems can also adapt the vocabulary for you on request. Specific technical terms, names, abbreviations, proper names etc. are then immediately available to you. You don't have to learn them gradually (see Vocabulary Adjustment).

Mobile working method preferred

Police officers have to collect a lot of information every day, such as documenting testimony and offenses. This can take time by hand. Mobile digital dictation machines are the ideal solution for this because they allow officials to record information from anywhere. Compared to analog devices, they also offer numerous advantages such as better quality of the recordings, more efficient transcription processes and, above all, timely document creation, as dictations can be sent to the typist while on the move.

An optimal process in the presidium

Dictations can also be transmitted to the Presidium without much effort: Simply place the dictation machine in the docking station, for example - the rest is done by our DssMover. Your typist receives a notification when a new dictation arrives and then transcribes it as usual. If you need an autonomous dictation system for security reasons, we recommend our Digta 7, which can also be operated stand-alone. This means that the dictation is listened to directly from the dictation machine from the docking station. Headphones and foot switches are connected to the docking station.

[Translate to Englisch:] Digta 7: Intuitive Bedienung durch den Easy Mode, Robustes und ergonomisches Design,  Lange Laufzeit, Anschluss für externe Mikrofone

Data encryption and PIN for maximum security

Law enforcement information is strictly confidential and therefore needs special protection. Grundig Business Systems offers police authorities the right solution: dictations are encrypted in real time with 256 bits. In addition, the mobile dictation machines can be secured with a PIN against unauthorized access.

Central administrability

A central solution is ideal when several dictation machines have to be administered. With the Central Digta Configurator, your administrator can roll out firmware updates and configuration data for the dictation machines from a central location. Management and maintenance of the devices couldn't be easier.