Public administration

Public administration

How you can generate documents more efficiently

In public administration, dictation of minutes, meetings, and various documents is a part of the everyday routine. Grundig Business Systems offers helpful products tailored to each institution. Among them are barrier-free dictation and transcription solutions.

Professional speech processing solutions for administration

Professional speech processing solutions for administration
  • dictation made easy with the Digta 7 and  “Easy Mode”
  • fast dictation transfer via DssMover
  • cut administrative costs with speech recognition
  • barrier-free dictation

The volume of written work involved in public administration is notoriously high. Analogue dictation systems still predominate. A transition to digital dictation or speech recognition allows processes to be optimized and costs minimized.

If you do not want to be tied down to a single work station, Grundig Business Systems recommends Opens external link in new windowmobile digital dictation solutions. Dictation work can thus be completed outside of the office – during crime scene inspections by the police, for instance. The transition to digital dictation is especially easy with the Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 because it stands out for its user-friendly guidance and operation. If you only want to have the most important dictation functions displayed, the “easy mode” provides a menu selection that allows you to concentrate on the essentials. Modifying dictations is also easy to do: The insert function allows you to add text to an existing dictation. This makes dictation especially easy. Our dictation devices are also known for their robustness and ergonomic design. Even during the generation of long dictations, our devices lie comfortably in the hand.

Simple transcription of your dictations
You can add important information such as file number and priority to your recorded dictations. This information is transferred to your secretarial staff in an accompanying note when you send the dictation. Simply place the dictation device into the docking station or connect it with a USB cable to your PC. Our DssMover will do the rest. It retrieves the dictations from your device and sends them to the predetermined target folder. Your secretarial staff receive a notification when a new dictation arrives. They transcribe it as they normally would – even using their familiar analogue Opens external link in new windowGrundig accessories such as Opens external link in new windowheadphones and Opens external link in new windowfoot switch. The improved quality of digitally recorded dictations will ensure that your secretarial staff send you fewer queries. And our sector-independent dictation and speech processing software, DigtaSoft, includes many useful functions that make dictation management easy. In this way, it supports your secretarial staff as they organize their work.

Cut administrative costs with speech recognition
In order to accelerate the document generation process and thus cut administrative costs, more and more offices are transitioning directly to digital dictation with speech recognition, which can take the form of a number of solutions, depending on the method of work those doing the dictation prefer. For instance, the DigtaSoft Voice professional speech recognition application from Grundig Business Systems can be used in conjunction with a mobile dictation device (Opens external link in new windowoff-line-recognition) or a USB dictation microphone (Opens external link in new windowon-line recognition). The transition to speech recognition is worth it because documents are generally available more quickly and there is more time for secretarial staff to complete other important tasks.

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