Transition to digital dictation

In courts, numerous documents, such as assessments and proceeding transcripts, can be generated with the help of dictation and transcription solutions. The transition to digital dictation has not been made everywhere. But more and more courts are deciding for more forward-looking technology which allows them to complete documents promptly and cut administrative costs.

Increased efficiency with digital dictation

Increased efficiency with digital dictation
  • create documents faster thanks to mobile digital dictation devices
  • central device management
  • speech recognition for the legal sector
  • barrier-free dictation
  • dictation encryption and protection via PIN code

The high volume of work in courts can be managed more efficiently with the digital dictation and speech recognition solutions from Grundig Business Systems. Documents are available up to 75% faster. A Opens external link in new windowmobile digital dictation device such as the Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 makes judges and public prosecutors especially flexible, allowing them to dictate at any time, even at out-of-the-office appointments. The Digta 7 dictation devices are also very robust, lie comfortably in the hand, and come equipped with many helpful functions. For instance, the insert function allows you to insert text into an existing dictation. The dictation’s accompanying note allows information such as file number, priority, and further details to be transmitted to the secretarial staff.

The dictations can be transferred quickly and simply into the network for transcription. The dictation device need only be placed into the docking station. The dictations are forwarded from the device to the predetermined target folder. An additional advantage is that your secretarial staff receive a notification as soon as a new dictation arrives and transcribe it as they normally would. A typing pool can also be assigned, allowing dictations to be better distributed and promptly transcribed when the workload is particularly heavy.

Simpler roll-out and central administration
The solutions from Grundig Business Systems are simple to install and can be used in connection with technical applications such as Eureka-Fach and MESTA. For large networks, we recommend the Opens external link in new windowCentral Digta Configurator. This software allows administrators to configure and manage multiple dictation devices simply and centrally and makes roll-outs quick. The devices are grouped according to the organizational chart and assigned to users. The advantage is that the dictation device workflow functions can be correctly set, specific to each user. New firmware is distributed to all the dictation devices in the network with a single click. Certain functions can also be blocked to ensure that users do not make any undesired changes. The Central Digta Configurator makes incorporating new employees into the dictation network quick and uncomplicated.

Speech recognition for the legal sector
More and more courts are investing in digital dictation devices in conjunction with speech recognition. With Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Voice legal, Grundig Business Systems offers you a solution specially designed for legal professionals. It takes into account the requirements of those who dictate professionally and contains legal terminology for better recognition performance. You can use the speech recognition application in conjunction with a mobile dictation device (Opens external link in new windowoff-line speech recognition) or a PC microphone (Opens external link in new windowon-line speech recognition). If you already have an older version of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition application, you can upgrade it and replace it with the current version of DigtaSoft Voice legal.

Barrier-free solutions
Our dictation and speech processing solutions are suited to barrier-free dictation and transcription. For dictation, we particularly recommend our dictation microphones, such as the Opens external link in new windowDigta SonicMic 3, which are simple to manipulate, requiring only the thumb. The function buttons are individually programmable. The Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Pro transcription software can also be operated entirely with keyboard shortcuts and interacts well with the most popular screen readers. We would be happy to advise you on the opportunities available for government financial assistance for acquisition and installation.

Highest level of security
In legal work, security has the highest priority. That is why we offer the best possible protection for your data with 256-bit encryption. A dictation recorded with DSSPro can be automatically encrypted during the dictation process. You can also encrypt unprotected DSS and DSSPro dictations after they have been generated. The dictations can be decrypted by the dictation devices or by the DigtaSoft Pro speech processing software given the appropriate password. You can also protect your dictation device from unauthorized access with a PIN.

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