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At crime scenes or during interrogations or simple logging of procedures, police work requires a great deal of dictation. Depending on the occasion, mobile or stationary devices may be used. And the interest in speech recognition solutions in this sector is growing as well.

Efficient dictation for police forces

Efficient dictation for police forces
  • mobile dictation for the police force
  • Digta 7 stand-alone kit providing an autonomous dictation solution
  • device with data encryption and PIN for highest security
  • central device management
  • generate documents promptly with speech recognition

Grundig Business Systems offers dictation and speech recognition solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of police departments. As in other industries, the trend here is toward digital dictation and speech recognition. Digital dictation devices’ outstanding audio quality gives them an advantage, and the dictations they produce can be optimally distributed and transcribed thanks to suitable workflow software. This optimizes police work processes and cuts administration costs. We help you discover the best possible solution for your force.

Mobile work methods preferred
Policemen must collect a great deal of information, such as witness statements and event sequences, every day. Recording these details using hand-written notes is time-consuming and becomes strenuous after a while. Opens external link in new windowMobile digital dictation devices are the ideal solution: they allow officers to collect their information no matter where they are. They feature a number of advantages over analog devices such as better recording quality, more efficient transcription processes, and especially prompt document generation, since dictations can be sent to the secretarial staff while the user is still out of the office. But dictations can also be transferred at police headquarters without much effort . The dictation device need only be placed in its docking station, for example – our DssMover does the rest. It retrieves the dictations from your device and sends them to the predetermined target folder. Your secretarial staff receive a notification when a new dictation arrives and transcribe it as they normally would. If, for security reasons, you require an autonomous dictation system, we recommend our Digta 7, which can also be operated as a stand-alone system. That means that the dictation is played back directly from the dictation device in the docking station, to which the headphones and the foot switch are connected.

The Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 series devices make the transition to digital dictation especially easy because of their user-friendliness and logical menu structure. Their “easy mode” allows you to concentrate on what is important when you dictate. Only the most important basic functions are displayed. This makes dictation especially easy. These dictation devices are also remarkable for their robustness and ergonomic design. The premium devices, with their pleasantly easy-to-grip Softtouch surfaces, provide an advantage, especially for beginners, because they lie in the hand particularly well. Their other characteristics are also optimally suited to police work: You can institute multiple-author operation for different shifts, for instance, or connect an external microphone to the 3.5-mm jack plug in order to execute covert or constant recording. The dual-battery concept also recommends the premium devices: The lithium-ion battery allows running times of far more than 20 hours, but the device can also be operated with standard batteries.

Data encryption and PIN for highest security
Public prosecution information is highly confidential and must therefore be particularly well protected. Grundig Business Systems offers police forces the solution: Dictations are encrypted in real time with a 256-bit key. The mobile dictation devices can also be protected from unauthorized access by means of a PIN.

Central administration
Situations in which multiple dictation devices must be administered are precisely the ones for which a central solution is the optimal one. The Opens external link in new windowCentral Digta Configurator allows your administrator to roll out firmware updates and distribute configuration data for the system’s dictation devices from a central location. Device administration and maintenance could not be easier.

Generate documents promptly with speech recognition
Digital dictation alone reduces the time elapsed between dictation and finished written document by 30% compared to analog dictation. This means that you are not as pressed for time: you experience less stress and have more time for other important tasks. The use of speech recognition allows a further time savings of up to 20%. Whether you are involved in office or field work, Grundig Business Systems has the right solution for you. You can use a dictation microphone to record your dictations and have them simultaneously recognized (Opens external link in new windowon-line recognition) or record them on a mobile dictation device and have the speech recognition solution convert them to text later (Opens external link in new windowoff-line recognition).

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