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Today, more and more doctors in private practice not only rely on digital dictation, but also on speech recognition. With a recognition accuracy of over 99%, document creation can be significantly accelerated again. With DigtaSoft Voice medical, Grundig Business Systems offers a solution for medical professionals. It is specially adapted for the professional dictation and hardware of GBS. Another plus: the speech recognition contains professional medical vocabulary, for example for general and internal medicine, psychiatry, radiology, surgery, orthopedics, neurology and cardiology. A high recognition performance is thus easily achieved. DigtaSoft Voice medical works both with the dictation software DigtaSoft Pro and with patient management systems. In almost all applications you can dictate directly in the form and text fields.

Your advantages

The ideal PC microphone

The Digta SonicMic 3 has been recognized by Nuance for the best recognition accuracy in speech recognition. The control buttons can be assigned individually using our configuration tool. The optical trackpad and mouse buttons enable precise mouse control. The Digta SonicMic 3 also impresses with excellent ergonomics and the intuitive arrangement of the buttons.


Dictate easily and conveniently on the move

Easy changeover to digital dictation: Our Digta 7 mobile dictation device is characterized by intuitive user guidance and operation. They are equipped with the proven, ergonomic Grundig slide switch, which is already known from analog devices, and have a logical menu control. The "Easy Mode" that our mobile dictation devices have is helpful in the changeover. With this special setting, you can concentrate on the essentials when dictating.

Practical design for comfortable dictation

Dictation machines from Grundig Business Systems are also known for their robustness and ergonomic design. And we also thought of left-handers: The Digta 7 Premium can be operated with the left thumb. No more reaching around to read the display, because the display content automatically rotates according to the natural position of the hand. In addition, the pleasant and non-slip soft-touch surface speaks for the premium devices.

Full mobility and secure document creation

In hectic everyday practice, resident doctors want a very high degree of flexibility in order to be able to produce the necessary findings on time, for example because PC workstations are not available everywhere or because high mobility is required. Mobile dictation machines are the ideal tool for this. In order to meet the high standards of security in the medical sector, there is the option of protecting dictations with 256-bit encryption. Mobile dictation machines can be protected against unauthorized access with a PIN code.

Product recommendations

DigtaSoft Voice medical Desktop Set

Article number: PDD8304-72
Short description

The perfect choice for doctors: This package including medical speech recognition and a PC microphone allows easy and quick transformation of dictations into typed documents.

Scope of delivery

Digta SonicMic 3, single user licence for PC software DigtaSoft Voice medical, including activation of the DigtaSoft Voice interface in DigtaSoft Pro and PC software DigtaSoft Pro

DigtaSoft Voice medical Mobile Set

Article number: SDM7034-72
Short description

The perfect choice for doctors: This kit including medical speech recognition and a mobile dictation device convinces through its attractive price!

Scope of delivery

Digta 7 (Type 703), Digta Station 447, power supply 477, rechargeable battery pack 962, pouch, wrist strap, USB cable, single user licence for PC software DigtaSoft Voice medical, including activation of the DigtaSoft Voice interface in DigtaSoft Pro and PC software DigtaSoft Pro