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The legal and medical sectors are not the only ones where a great deal of dictation happens today. Other professional groups, such as architects, assessors, appraisers, insurance and banking employees, but also journalists use dictation devices daily. To remain flexible and mobile, many invest in mobile solutions. Speech recognition is also gaining increasing significance in document generation.

Dictation and speech recognition solutions for various sectors

  • professional dictation and speech processing solutions for people working in various sectors such as architects, appraisers, authorized experts, insurance staff, bank employees, contractors and journalists
  • Digta 7 Starter Kit for beginners and for those new to the digital experience
  • easy dictation transcription
  • DigtaSoft Voice professional speech recognition solution

Professional dictation and speech processing solutions are employed in various sectors today. Among our customers are therefore architects, assessors, and appraisers (from the construction or transportation sectors, for instance), insurance and banking employees, journalists, university employees, trade unions, and field sales representatives from various sectors. These professional groups are well-served by Opens external link in new windowmobile digital dictation solutions, which make them independent of workplace or office hours. Dictation work can thus be completed outside of the office – during on-site inspections or meetings with customers, for instance.

Simple digital dictation
You, too, can profit from the many advantages of digital speech processing! Our solutions allow you to concentrate on the truly important tasks and thereby cut your administration costs, raising your company’s efficiency. If you are a beginner or transitioner and also need a work station solution for your secretarial staff, we recommend our Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 Starter Kit. This package contains the Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 mobile digital dictation device, a foot switch, headphones, and the DigtaSoft One software, which allows convenient transcription of dictations. You only have to configure your dictation device once. When you connect it to your PC, the dictations are sent to the predetermined address.

The transition to digital dictation is especially easy with the Digta 7, which stands out for its user-friendly guidance and operation. If you only want to have the most important dictation functions displayed, the “easy mode” provides a menu selection that allows you to concentrate on the essentials. But dictation modification can also be done quickly: The insert function allows you to add text to an existing dictation. This makes digital dictation especially flexible.

Our dictation devices are known for their robustness and ergonomic design. We have also made provision for left-handed users: The Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 Premium and Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 Premium BT can be operated with the left thumb. It is not necessary to shift position in order to read the display because its content automatically rotates with the natural hand position. The comfortable, anti-skid Softtouch surface also recommends the premium devices.

Prompt transcription of your dictations
Before you forward the dictations to your secretarial staff, you have the opportunity to enter important information about them, such as file number and priority, which is transferred with the dictation in an accompanying note. If you are out of the office a great deal and want to have your dictations transcribed promptly, we recommend our Digta 7 Premium BT. This dictation device allows you to transfer your dictations simply to your smartphone using Bluetooth and then send them by e-mail to your secretarial staff.

If you dictate in your office, you can immediately transfer the dictations to your company’s dictation network. How? Simply place the dictation device into the docking station or connect it with a USB cable to your PC! Our DssMover will do the rest. It retrieves the dictations from your device and sends them to the predetermined target folder. Your secretarial staff receive a notification when a new dictation arrives. They transcribe it as they normally would – even using their familiar analogue Opens external link in new windowGrundig accessories such as Opens external link in new windowheadphones and Opens external link in new windowfoot switch. The improved quality of digitally recorded dictations will ensure that your secretarial staff send you fewer queries. And our sector-independent dictation and speech processing software, DigtaSoft, includes many useful functions that make dictation management easy. For instance, it supports your secretarial staff as they organize their work.

Generate documents faster with speech recognition
If you have no secretarial staff or assistant who can generate your documents for you, we recommend the use of a speech recognition application such as Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft Voice professional. This is because documents can be generated up to three times as fast with speech recognition as with typing. You can use speech recognition in conjunction with a mobile dictation device (off-line speech recognition) or a PC microphone (on-line speech recognition) and retain your natural speech rhythm. DigtaSoft Voice professional takes into account the requirements of those who dictate professionally. This makes the application faster, easier to operate, and better at recognition.

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