The foundations are laid: Development of dictation devices begins.


Stenorette A, the so-called tree frog, becomes the first Grundig's dictation device on the market.


Max Grundig builds the "biggest tape-recorder factory in the world" in Bayreuth. The opening ceremony takes place on 15th July 1957.


The 1,000th employee is hired in Bayreuth.


The number of employees in Bayreuth reaches 2,000.


The first mini-index cassette with integrated band index, the Steno-Casette 30, is introduced.


Production of the Stenorette 2002, the first stationary dictation system to use the Steno-Casette K 30, begins, as does that of the Stenorette SL, the professional Stenorette with the metallic look and the die-cast casing – the mobile dictation system for the office and the road. Production of these devices continues for about 20 years.


The CS 2000 conference system reahes the market.


An historic moment: The Steno-Casette 30 becomes the DIN norm (DIN32750) – the standard for quality!


The first truly portable dictation device, the Stenorette 2080, is developed.


Dr. Max Grundig passes away at age 81.


The first digital dictation system is launched: the PC-Diktat 2000.


The Bayreuth factory is the first Grundig factory to receive the DIN ISO 9001 certificate.


Having been a trailblazer for cassette-supported dictation systems, Grundig henceforth remains a pioneer in digital voice recording.  In a joint venture, the IVA (International Voice Association, consisting of Grundig, Olympus, and Philips) develops and launches the DSS-Standard (Digital Speech Standard).


Dictation device activities are spun off from Grundig AG, and an independent company, Grundig Business Systems GmbH (GBS), is founded.


The Digta 4010, 3010, and 5210, digital hand-held dictation devices with MultiMediaCard  on DSS-Standard, and StenoNet.type, Steno.write, and Walkabout.write, the digital PC work station solutions, are launched.


GBS is successfully taken over by INDUC AG. Its name is retained.


The spectrum of digital devices is expanded to include the dual work station Stenorette digital Sd 4240. Further highlights are the launch of the Digta 4015, a high-quality digital hand-held dictation device; the bar code scanner attachment; 


the word's first RFID scanner attachment for digital dictation devices; and the Digta Soundbox 820 USB professional work station with integrated sound card.



The first dictation devices of the 400 series: Digta 410.  Automotive Standard TS 16949 certification



The "50 Years of Production in Bayreuth" celebration is the center of Grundig Business Systems's festivities on 15th July 2007 At the same time, the novel product family of digital dictation devices is launched: the DigtaSonic series is remarkable for its "Soft Touch Composite" interface. The Digta 420 is the word's first mobile dictation device with color display and supports the optimised speech standard DSSPro, which is developed under the aegis of Grundig Business Systems. The Digta 415 with Digta Station 445 receives the "iF product design award", one of the most coveted international design awards.



The Digta CordEx, the first professional wireless dictation microphone, which combines the flexibility of mobile devices with the advantages of stationary dictation, is launched. GBS wins the "iF product design award" again, this time for the Digta SonicMic, the first device of the new premium DigtaSonic product family. Grundig Business Systems is also named one of the 100 most innovative middle-sized companies.



GBS with the Innovation Prize IT 2009 in the category "Office" for the Digta CordEx at CeBIT. Grundig Business Systems also receives the "Top Job" seal of approval for outstanding personnel work, making it one of the 100 best employers among middle-sized German companies. The Digta Station WLAN appears on the market. It allows wireless transfer of dictations without a PC.



GBS wins the "iF product design award 2010" for Digta CordEx dictation microphone .



The "Digta 7" series, featuring numerous innovations including the "Touch Pin" sliding switch, is launched. The Digta 7 Premium BT is the world's first dictation device with which dictations can be transferred to a smartphone by means of Bluetooth.



GBS celebrates "10 Years of Digta". GBS again receives the "Top Job" seal of approval and numbers among the 100 best employers among German middle-sized companies.


Grundig Business Systems is now certified in accordance with the internationally recognised standard for environmental management, namely  14001:2014.


Software business expansion by means of speech recognition solutions. GBS extends its high-tech manufacturing process adding a third line. Components of up to a minimum size of 01005 can now be mounted thanks to the SIPLACESX1.


GBS once again receives the “TOP JOB” award in recognition of outstanding personnel work. The Digta SonicMic 3 is launched on the market.


GBS and Sennheiser combine  telephony and speech recognition services to prepare future orientated  Unified Communications solutions. The product range is expanded to include cooperation products covering the areas of wireless headsets and conference recordings.