Digta W/LAN Adapter transfers data in both directions

New firmware update from Grundig Business Systems uses the networks to keep dictation devices up-to-date

Digta W/LAN-Adapter

London, 5th July 2013 – The Digta W/LAN Adapter from Grundig Business Systems (GBS) now allows bidirectional communication thanks to a firmware update. That means that not only can dictations be transferred from a dictation device of the Digta 4xx or the Digta 7 series to the network, but firmware updates and device configurations can be uploaded to the dictation device. The dictations are sent to the secretarial staff either over a network cable (LAN) or wirelessly (WLAN).

In addition, there is an interface to the Central Digta Configurator (CDC), a database-driven programme with which system administrators administer and configure dictation devices. The CDC sends the configuration changes through the Digta W/LAN Adapter to the dictation devices. “The connection provided by the CDC and the Digta W/LAN Adapter gives administrators, even of large networks, the ideal conditions for configuring and providing with firmware updates the dictation devices of doctors in a clinic, for example, who have no PC work station,” says GBS Managing Director Roland Hollstein.

Intelligent solutions for mobile dictation
“We also offer solutions for IT environments in which USB ports have not been made available or there are no PCs near where the mobile dictations are being made. This is where the Digta W/LAN Adapter really helps out,” continues Hollstein. To allow convenient work conditions independent of a PC, the digital dictation devices from GBS are equipped with a data list function. It allows patient, client, or customer data, for example, to be transferred to the dictation device and so to be used directly during dictation. This provides users additional information, and in the office allows simpler assignment of dictations to the organizational system. The new Digta W/LAN Adapter firmware update allows new data lists to be transferred to the dictation device.

The dictation status notifications that flow through the DigtaSoft network between the author and the secretarial staff can also use the Digta W/LAN Adapter. That means that between a dictation device from the Digta 7 series and the workstation PC, information such as whether a dictation has been completed is automatically exchanged. The secretarial staff can send queries concerning unintelligible passages in the dictation.

About Grundig Business Systems GmbH
With more than four million dictation systems sold and over 50 years of experience, Grundig Business Systems GmbH (GBS) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional dictation systems. It is the only company in the professional dictation industry to develop and produce its cutting-edge products “Made in Germany”. GBS products are distinguished by technical innovation, quality, and top-notch design. Whether using for mobile dictation on the go, with a microphone at the PC, or for making conference recordings, dictation solutions from GBS are on the scene every day, helping attorneys, physicians, companies, and many others to improve their workflow efficiently and cost-effectively. The independent company, formerly attached to the parent company Grundig, was named one of the top 100 most innovative medium-sized companies.

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