DigtaSoft Voice speech recognition with improved recognition performance

Faster recognition with the same system environment

DigtaSoft Voice speech recognition with improved recognition

Bayreuth, 16th December 2014 – With the new version of the DigtaSoft Voice speech recognition from Grundig Business Systems (GBS) users can achieve better recognition performance. The software is based on Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional v13 speech recognition software from Nuance. “Compared to the previous version, the recognition performance has been improved by 13 percent and compared to even older versions by as much as 34 percent,” says GBS Managing Director Roland Hollstein. This means a lower error rate. “Thus, the maximum correction effort is also lower and the employees work more efficiently,” continues Hollstein. In addition, the recognition with the same system environment is now faster.

The new version of DigtaSoft Voice supports Windows 8.x. It has a different user interface that enables simpler and intuitive work. Improvements have also been made to the vocabulary editor where the user can now adjust their vocabulary more easily.

Optimised Speech Recognition for Professional Dictations
DigtaSoft Voice is adapted for professional dictation and the hardware of GBS. In addition, functions which are intended for private users, are deactivated. Furthermore, the speech recognition software interacting with DigtaSoft Pro is optimised as the speech recognition dictations and their processing are integrated in the DigtaSoft work flow. This means that accompanying documents with additional information can be provided. Correction workstations are also integrated as there is recognition marking, a foot switch control and a back-learning function. If a user of DigtaSoft Voice wants to use just Dragon speech recognition, they can also benefit from the completely redesigned user interface of the Dragon bar.

About Grundig Business Systems GmbH
With more than four million dictations systems sold and over 60 years of experience, Grundig Business Systems GmbH (GBS) is one of the leading manufacturers of professional dictation systems and the number one provider of professional dictation systems in Germany. Together with its partners, GBS provides services around the subject of speech recognition and processing. The solutions and products with the label “Made in Germany” are distinguished by technical innovation and high-quality design. Every day, they help lawyers, doctors, administrators, companies and many others shape their working processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

GBS is one of the top 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany and has repeatedly been awarded the “Top Job” award in recognition of outstanding personnel work.

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