New dictation management software optimises convenience for mobile dictation

DigtaSoft 5.0 from Grundig Business Systems with Windows 8 support

DigtaSoft 5.0

London, 19th December 2012 – Effective immediately, the new dictation management software DigtaSoft 5.0 is available from Grundig Business Systems (GBS). This software also supports Windows 8 and is ideal for working with mobile dictation devices. DigtaSoft 5.0 is easily activated with an on-line licence. “This process is very simple. The licence is activated directly from DigtaSoft and merely requires a one-time registration with the entry of the serial number,” says GBS CEO Roland Hollstein.

Feedback from customers and partners who desired more convenience in conjunction with mobile dictation devices was incorporated into the development of the new software. DigtaSoft 5.0 is the only dictation management software that allows bidirectional communication with digital dictation devices. The secretarial staff can, for instance, send queries, messages, or changes of dictation status directly to the author's dictation device. DigtaSoft 5.0 also supports the transfer of client or patient data directly to the dictation device. Using this method, data can later be automatically organised in the dictation management software. “The ability to work without having to re-type information is very important for our customers because it allows them to process dictations more efficiently,” says Hollstein. Additional thin clients, such as IGEL, LISCON, and Chip PC, ensure this ability.

In addition to these improvements, version 5.0 also includes new functions. For instance, DigtaSoft Player allows various audio formats to be imported from smartphone dictation applications and played back. The “Dictation Blue” app from GBS imports the dictation information from the XML accompanying note. Also new: data import with DssMover can include an accompanying note with important information such as priorities.

“In Version 5, we decided to make fewer variants available because DigtaSoft Pro and DigtaSoft One are enough for our customers,” says Hollstein. While DigtaSoft Pro is ideally suited for use in networks of any size, DigtaSoft One supports a quick start in digital dictation. This makes DigtaSoft One the perfect choice for those just learning to use dictation devices or those who want to make the transition from analog to digital dictation. “We recommend that customers who have been using DigtaSoft upgrade to DigtaSoft Pro," says Hollstein.

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