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Digta Scan 407

  • bar code reader as plug-in module for the „Digta 7“ series
  • scanning of a bar code provides safest and quickest character entry
  • unambiguous allocation of patient or client data to dictations
  • reads all common 1D-bar codes

Mix-up of data is avoided as the characters are securely entered

Scan all common 1D barcodes clearly and quickly with the barcode reader Digta Scan 407 from the “Digta 7” series. Dictations are assigned exactly to one patient or client file thus increasing process security. Errors during typing the long case numbers in the secretary are excluded. No queries have to be cleared concerning similar or identical names.

Fast and easy scanning

The Digta Scan 407 barcode reader was especially developed for the Digta 7, allowing easy introduction into the scanner slot. A retaining clip holds it in position. Barcodes can be scanned quickly with the ergonomically perfectly positioned barcode reader Digta Scan 407. A clear script display of the scanned data immediately appears on the display. Each successfully terminated scanning causes the device to emit an acoustic signal.


Digta Scan 407

Article number: GCC4070
Short description

Barcode reader especially designed for devices from the „Digta 7“ series. Thanks to this device dictations can be unambiguously assigned to a file.

Scope of delivery

Digta Scan 407