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Digta Wifi Adapter

  • adapter for the direct transfer of dictations to a network or by means of e-mail
  • connectivity over LAN with the RJ-45 network cable or wirelessly via WLAN
  • with WLAN: secure data transfer within the company network thanks to WLAN encryption
  • for dictation devices of the Digta series 7xx, 4xx, 40xx and for the respective docking stations

Use WLAN to send dictations to the secretarial staff simply with the Digta W/LAN Adapter

The Digta W/LAN Adapter allows you to connect directly to your network without a PC and use a network cable (LAN) or wireless network (WLAN) to send your dictations directly to the secretarial staff via e-mail or FTP server. All you have to do is place your dictation device in the docking station and your data is automatically transferred to the predetermined addressees. You can set up the docking station and the Digta W/LAN Adapter in the reception area or a conference room, thus avoiding long walks and ensuring that the dictations reach the secretarial staff sooner.

Have secretarial staff send data lists and notifications directly to your dictation device

The Digta W/LAN Adapter allows information exchange between the author and the secretarial staff (Digta Messaging). Place your Digta 7 dictation device in a docking station connected to a Digta W/LAN Adapter and receive a message on your dictation device when the dictation has been completed. The secretarial staff can also send a query concerning a dictation. The Digta W/LAN Adapter can also be used to send data lists, such as patient, client, or customer data to your dictation device. This provides users with additional information while they are on the go and allows simple allocation of dictations in the processing area.

Central IT administration via WLAN for firmware updates and dictation device configuration

Using the Digta W/LAN Adapter provides the further advantage of convenient configuration and maintenance. If a configuration file is available, it is transferred to the dictation device as soon as you connect it. When the device is disconnected from the Digta W/LAN Adapter, the new configuration is applied. If a firmware update for your dictation device is available, it can also be centrally placed and transferred via the Digta W/LAN Adapter to the dictation devices. As soon as your dictation device is disconnected from the Digta W/LAN Adapter, the firmware update is carried out.

WLAN encryption provides high network security

Enjoy the security of the Digta W/LAN Adapter! You can use it to send recordings, status reports, firmware updates, and configurations within your network. This means that no USB port is needed. And your network is protected by WLAN encryption.


Digta Wifi Adapter

Article number: SCM4405
Short description

Wireless LAN adapter for the direct transfer of dictations to a network or by means of e-mail without PC and cable. Alternatively data can be transferred via cable based LAN.

Scope of delivery

Digta W/LAN Adapter, power supply, RJ45 CAT-5 network cable, WLAN antenna.


System requirements

Digta WLAN Adapter

LAN: 100 Mbit/s with RJ45-Connections WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n
Hardware interfaces
USB 1.1 or higher possibly LAN port RJ45
Supported transmission protocols
Dimensions (L x B x H)
ca. 75 x 62 x 23 mm (without antenna and plug)
approx. 78,5 g
LAN RJ45-Ethernet-Socket / Power Supply 5V / USB host port / Screw Connection for WLAN-antenna
Transmission power in the WLAN
max. 100mW
WLAN encryption
Configuration: IP-assignment static or dynamic via DHCP Configuration via Web-Browser
Configuration software
Memory medium
external MMC / SD / SDHC-slot for Digta Card (up to 32 GB)
Release date
Jan 22

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