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Consulting and creation of system design

  • As-is analysis of the existing document creation process
  • Development of a concept for process improvement with the help of professional language processing systems
  • Creation of a project plan and coordination with the client
  • ROI calculation


Advice from the top experts in speech recognition

Grundig Business Systems has developed into the top expert for speech recognition solutions. We offer the complete range of solutions. From the software to complete packages - for speech recognition directly on the PC or afterwards of dictations recorded on the move. But which way of working is best suited for your organization?

Individual complete solution

Speech recognition or digital dictation? The answer to this is often not either or, but a mixed operation. Not every author is actually suitable for working with speech recognition. Non-native speakers can still get good recognition results. A foreign accent is no more problematic than a dialect. Thanks to AI, speech recognition works very robustly, even with background noise. But sometimes even the best speech recognition reaches its limits.

Forward-looking planning

Every digitization or speech recognition project has different requirements and requires specific planning. We look at what your current document creation workflow looks like and how the use of speech recognition can be meaningfully integrated. The IT infrastructure in your company is just as important as the various requirements of the dictators. Together with your specifications, we create a concept that shows how you can use an efficient and modern system for digital dictation with speech recognition.

It starts with the as-is analysis

Comprehensive advice is important when implementing dictation systems in larger networks. In order to find a perfectly tailored solution for you, an analysis of the current status is carried out on site: What is your dictation workflow like? How big is the target dictation volume? What is the relationship between authors and typists? This also includes dialogue with the future users of the system, your employees.

Individual concept creation and offer

On the basis of the as-is analysis, we create a concept adapted to your workflow structure, which is implemented by a multi-person project team. Individual adjustments of the devices and the software as well as the creation of your vocabulary for speech recognition are our task. You have the opportunity to have all processes adapted to your needs in an accompanied test phase.


Consulting and creation of system design

Article number: GSU1570
Short description

Analysis of existing dictation and speech recognition solutions and document creation processes, concept with suggestions for improving and increasing the efficiency of the workflow, ROI calculation.

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