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Project management

  • Creation of a project plan for the introduction of digital dictation and speech recognition
  • Coordination of the task packages and schedules
  • Appointments can also be coordinated across multiple locations
  • Resource management & reporting of project progress

Have you decided to introduce a voice recognition or digital dictation solution or do you want to optimize your existing system? We put a project team at your side who will accompany and advise you in all phases of implementation. Because with us you not only get complete solutions "made in Germany", but an entire team of experts and their know-how. This guarantees you a smooth process - from planning to implementation.

Well planned is half the battle

Together with you, we coordinate the project plan and ensure that it is processed according to the schedule. Your GBS project manager coordinates the operational planning from the test to real operation and beyond. You can rely on us. We keep you up to date at all times.

“Project management, sales, product development and service - all wheels mesh together at GBS. Our requirements for digital dictation and speech recognition were understood and optimally implemented. "
Sven Breiksch, Administrative Director, Klinik Birkental, Hartenstein GmbH

Implementation of the dictation system

After setting up the dictation hardware and software at the authoring and writing stations, the administrators receive comprehensive instruction in the installation and administration of the DigtaSoft Pro speech processing software. Dictation workflow, user profiles and usage authorizations are set up and the hardware configured to be user-specific.

Your project manager coordinates everything and takes care of everything. After a successful test phase of all functional areas, the system is approved by your company and all users are trained by our team. Our employee will also plan that for you.

Supervision of the initial phase

During the first four weeks of ongoing operations, you will continue to be closely looked after by our project team, and the workflow will be optimized in multi-stage reviews. In order to achieve the highest possible acceptance of the new system among the employees, their feedback is obtained, configurations may be adapted and further training phases carried out.

If all processes work smoothly, the further support of the house will be handed over to the Grundig Business Systems support staff - on request including a written project documentation.


Project management

Article number: GSU1403
Short description

Creation of project structure plan and coordination of project planning and task packages, appointment coordination in larger projects and possibly several locations, reporting on project progress, resource management according to task description

Scope of delivery


Planning and preparation

Article number: GSU1450
Short description

Checking the system requirements and feasibility, scheduling appointments and operational planning, coordinating with any other companies involved, coordinating the software and hardware provision, written project description

Scope of delivery


Project documentation

Article number: GSU1460
Short description

Written documentation of the services performed by the contractor and the installed systems.

Scope of delivery