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Server-based speech recognition

Server-based speech recognition has huge advantages, especially with larger numbers of users. The detection takes place centrally on a network computer. So no extra processor power is needed at the workplace and the use of thin clients is possible.

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Dragon Professional Anywhere

This professional speech recognition is a server-based solution. It enables direct dictation in numerous applications.

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Dragon Medical Direct

Ideal for hospitals: This medical speech recognition is a server-based solution with medical vocabulary. It enables detection directly in the application, also e.g. in the HIS.

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CVT - Central Voice Transcriber

This software controls the DigtaSoft Voice speech recognition on a central network computer. This means that dictations recorded on the go can also be recognized on the server afterwards.

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Local speech recognition

DigtaSoft Voice is installed locally on the computer and is suitable for small to medium-sized organizations. The spoken word can be converted into written text directly on the PC. The dictation can also be recognized afterwards.

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DigtaSoft Voice professional

The speech recognition software DigtaSoft Voice professional is based on Dragon Professional. It is optimized for professional use and, thanks to artificial intelligence, enables the best possible results.

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DigtaSoft Voice legal

Ideal for lawyers: The speech recognition software DigtaSoft Voice legal is based on Dragon Legal. It contains legal vocabulary and also implements spellings according to legal practice.

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DigtaSoft Voice medical

Ideal for doctors: The DigtaSoft Voice medical speech recognition software is based on the Dragon Medical Practice Edition. It contains medical specialist vocabularies from various disciplines for best recognition results from the very beginning.

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