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Dragon Professional Anywhere

  • Professional speech recognition directly in the application
  • Finished documents are immediately available
  • Best recognition results from the start thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Server-based solution, also suitable for cloud and thin clients



Dragon Professional Anywhere: Online voice recognition for professionals

Professional speech recognition Dragon Professional Anywhere supports professional document creation directly at the workplace. The cursor only has to be placed in the respective text window and dictation can begin. The recognized text is immediately available: in almost every Windows-based application, such as Microsoft Word, and many specialist applications. Working is not only possible on normal PCs, but also on thin clients with Dragon Professional Anywhere.

Rapid IT integration of Dragon Professional Anywhere

Dragon Professional Anywhere is a simple, flexible, and server-based solution that provides professional speech recognition effortlessly without consuming the user's PC resources. The software can be used directly on all devices in your Windows-based infrastructure, including virtualized PCs and PCs with remote access. It also works in Citrix environments. This Windows client application can be downloaded and installed within a few minutes. It establishes a secure connection to your company's server. The individual language profile of each user can be accessed from every workstation. The vocabularies of multiple users are particularly easy to manage.

Dragon Legal Anywhere & Dragon Medical Direct

Also available as Dragon Legal Anywhere with special vocabulary for lawyers and as Dragon Medical Direct with medical vocabulary and support for medical applications.


Dragon Professional Anywhere

Article number: DDS4001
Short description

This professional speech recognition is a server-based solution. It enables direct dictation in numerous applications.

Scope of delivery

Server installation license

Product recommendation

Digta SonicMic 3

Article number: GDD8300
Short description

Push button microphone with trackpad and mouse buttons. Control the most important functions of your speech recognition and navigate precisely inside your documents.

Scope of delivery

Digta SonicMic 3 with trackpad and mouse buttons, including Digta Configurator desk software for configuration and driver as download at