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DigtaSoft HL7 Service

  • Automatic creation of patient lists for secure dictation assignment
  • Connection of mobile dictation devices to the HIS
  • Enables display of patient data in the dictation machine and at the transcription workstation
  • Feedback of created dictations or further connection to the HIS on request


Interface for secure linking of dictations with patient data in HIS

Using the DigtaSoft HL7 service, information for safe dictations can be exchanged on the foundation of this standard protocol for the medical sector. The DigtaSoft HL7 Service is a server-based database application that interacts with any HL7 communications server or directly with a Hospital Information System (HIS). The HL7 interface can be used to provide patient data for the dictation system and to send messages about created dictations to the HIS. Together with the Digta Messaging System, clear patient assignment during dictation and transcription is also ensured via mobile dictation devices.

Patient data is provided in the dictation machine

Patient data is provided in the dictation machine The DigtaSoft HL7 service can read selected patient data from the HIS and provide them individually per doctor or department on the dictation machines. For the first time, doctors can select and dictate patients directly on the dictation machine. Since the dictation data is stored, it is also available to the medical typing service for secure and fast assignment. As soon as the dictation machine is connected to a docking station, not only the dictations are transferred, but also the patient list is updated.


DigtaSoft HL7 Service

Article number: GDS7700-43
Short description

The DigtaSoft HL7 service is a server-based database application that interacts with any HL7 communication server or directly with a hospital information system (HIS).

Scope of delivery

License for DigtaSoft HL7 Service Installation of the software by support, without product key