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Proven technology: Dictation devices with cassette

Proven technology: Dictation devices with cassette
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Highly reliable technology for decades

For more than 60 years Grundig Business Systems has produced analogue dictation solutions “made in Germany”.  Despite increasing digitalisation in the field of dictation devices, analogue devices continue to enjoy great popularity. The devices’ robustness, simple operation and reliability speak for themselves.

Do you have to generate documents regularly? And have you wondered whether it would be worth it to dictate them with a Opens external link in new windowdictation device with cassette, for example?

The truth is, you speak an average of three to five times faster than you write. Even taking into account the effort of proofreading and formatting, documents are generated faster when they are dictated and then transcribed by professional secretarial staff.

If you want to invest in the simplest possible technology that is also robust and requires no extensive digital network solution, a dictation device with cassette is just the right thing for you!

This classic dictation solution continues to enjoy advantages and maintain its place in the modern office.

We have summarized the most important advantages of dictating with a dictation device with cassette for you.

Work process advantages from analog dictation

  • The work process is very simple for small companies whose secretarial staff is in-house. The boss can simply hand off the Opens external link in new windowcassettes to the secretarial staff as he passes by.

Advantages of cassettes

  • Cassettes can be repeatedly erased and new information recorded without any difficulty.
  • Quick deletion capability is provided by a Opens external link in new windowmagnetic eraser.
  • Recording only one side of the cassette, as is done with the Opens external link in new windowSteno cassette, simplifies the process of locating a particular dictation and prevents inadvertent deletion or overwriting.
  • Cassettes with a band index show authors and secretarial staff how much tape has already been recorded.

Advantages of dictation devices with cassette

  • The dictation devices with cassette are robust, and some have been in use for decades.
  • They are easy to repair.
  • The drive mechanics give a reliable feeling for the sliding switch positions.
  • Additional features of professional dictation devices with cassette are: Info/index function, marking of end of document, spontaneous instructions to secretarial staff in the middle of a dictation, automatic shut-off, sliding switch, and search function.
  • Dictation devices with cassette are also inexpensive.
  • The motor and band noise are barely perceptible in recording, but are loud enough to be a convenient indicator that the device is ready to record.

Invest in the newest dictation devices with cassette from Grundig Business Systems, the market leader in professional dictation systems in Germany! Grundig Business Systems is the only manufacturer to guarantee provision of suitable Opens external link in new windowStenorette dictation devices, Opens external link in new windowaccessories, and spare parts for years to come.

The longevity, playback quality, and perfect operational comfort of dictation devices with cassette from Grundig Business Systems have been speaking for themselves for decades. These proven classics are in use all over the world.

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