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Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation
  • benefits of digital dictation
  • create your dictations simply and benefit from functions like “Easy Mode”, insertion mode, etc. 
  • more efficient dictation processes thanks to digital dictation
  • protection features for digital dictation

Create documents more efficiently

Speech is up to five times faster than typing. There is a demand for innovative products and practicable solutions to cope with time constraints and the increased cost of documentation. Nowadays it is digital solutions which are primarily used to increase the efficiency of document workflow.

Taking digital dictation into the future

Opens external link in new windowDigital dictation solutions by Grundig Business speed up document creation processes and thus increase an organisation’s or business’ ability to compete.

We have made a summary of the most important arguments for digital dictation.

The easy way to create dictations

  • Digital dictation devices are easy to use. Among other features they are fitted with the Grundig slide switch, as used on analogue devices.
  • Dictation devices are intuitive to use (logical menu control).
  • Additional functions such as the ability to insert text into an existing speech file make it possible to add corrections to digital dictations.
  • The Grundig Business Systems’ “Easy Mode” allows you to focus on the essentials when dictating. Only the most important main functions are displayed. This makes digital dictation extremely easy.

High-quality dictations

  • Digital sound quality reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and therefore lowers the amount of corrections the typist has to make. No “wow and flutter” like on old tapes.
  • Dictations are recorded in DSS (Digital Speech Standard). This is a simple, quick and standardised format for digital speech recording. Thanks to a special compression technique DSS takes up a reduced amount of memory and ensures quick transfer times without noticeably affecting sound quality.

More efficient dictation processes

  • Each dictation file can be saved with additional information such as patient- and reference number, case number, author’s initials, and priority level.
  • The recorded speech files are speech recognition compatible.
  • You can create documents more quickly and easily. This will allow you to achieve a notable difference in efficiency of up to 40%.
  • The dictation status can be displayed at any time.

Cost and time saving solutions

  • Digital dictations are quick and easy to forward over the network or by email.
  • Dictation recordings are efficiently distributed according to their size, and resources are utilised optimally.
  • The interval between dictation and finished composition is shorter for digital dictation. Processes within companies are accelerated. Exemple: Quicker diagnosis and a shortening of turnaround times in hospitals. Idle periods are optimised.
  • Accelerated processes lead to a reduction in the administrative workload.
  • You no longer require cassettes and therefore reduce running costs.

Increased security

  • Speech files can be encrypted. Moreover, dictation devices can be protected by a PIN code.
  • The use of Opens external link in new windowbarcode scanners prevents files being incorrectly assigned and increases the security of the process.
  • Being able to read patient and client data as CSV files also ensures that dictation files are assigned to the correct person.
  • Digital dictations adhere to standardised data protection procedures.

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