Simple dictation

Dictation made easy

Comprehensive solutions for beginners and those new to the digital experience

That's how simple professional dictation can be. Dictate as usual with the Digta 7 Starter Kit or the Digta 7 Stand-Alone Kit. The solutions are ideal, whether you are new to dictation or just want a transition from analogue to digital dictation. These packaged solutions can also be used for the transcription of your dictations.

Complete packages: Simple and attractive solutions

If you want a transition from analogue to digital dictation or work in a smaller organisation and are new to dictation, we would like to recommend our packaged solutions Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 Starter Kit or Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 Stand-Alone Kit. With these devices, the first step into digital dictation is especially easy.

Digital dictation made easy
Benefit from the advantages of digital dictation! Thanks to our solutions you have more time for other important tasks. Both the Digta 7 Starter Kit and Digta 7 Stand-Alone Kit include the Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 dictation device as well as a foot pedal and head phone for dictation transcription.

Transition to digital dictation is especially easy with the digital Digta 7 mobile dictation device. It convinces through its user friendly menu guidance - and thanks to the Grundig slide switch which has already proven itself in analogue devices. The "Easy Mode" only shows the basic functions for dictating. Correction of dictations is also easy to do: The insert function allows you to add text to an existing voice file. Transferring dictations subsequently is very easy! Simply connect your Digta 7 to the PC. The dictations are immediately transferred to the pre-defined secretary's folder by the "DssMover".

The Digta 7 Starter Kit includes the Opens external link in new windowDigtaSoft One software as well. Installation is very quick. The included foot pedal and head phone can be used for dictation transcription. The packaged solution for dictation and transcription purposes wins customers as it’s attractively priced and saves you money, compared to single purchase of the products!

Stand alone solution without software
The Digta 7 Stand-Alone Kit dictation solution is independent from the PC system used. The package includes a Digta 7 dictation device, docking station, foot pedal and head phone.  It can be used without software installation.

You simply dictate with your dictation device and then hand the device off to your secretarial staff! The secretary listens to the dictation, for example when the Digta 7 is in the docking station. Head phone and foot pedal for professional transcription can be connected to the device.  Your secretary will benefit from the playback quality of digital dictations. Moreover each dictation can be called up or deleted individually. No software is requested for the Digta 7 Stand-Alone Kit. Therefore this attractively priced package is ideally suitable for those new to digital dictation.