Reliable allocation of dictations

Reliable allocation of dictations

Simply eliminate mix-ups

Grundig Business Systems provides its customers tailored speech processing solutions that allow improvements in their document generation and administration processes. Reliable and unambiguous allocation of dictations to specific files plays a significant role in this effort.

Be on the safe side!

Be on the safe side!
  • clear assignment of dictations via barcode scanner
  • data list advantages such as provision of additional information

For sectors such as medicine and law, it is important that dictations can be unambiguously allocated to a specific file. We offer two solutions: our Opens external link in new windowbar code scanner and data lists.

Bar code scanner: No mix-ups
The use of a bar code scanner, recordings are linked to data such as file or patient number. This increases reliability by preventing dictations from being assigned to the files of incorrect patients, clients, etc. At the same time, it saves time and money because the secretarial staff need not carry out their own allocation system, and instead can start with transcription straight away.

Additional information with data lists

The use of data lists with digital dictation devices also ensures more reliability. A data list provides the author basic information such as name and date of birth. This information has been stored on the PC as a csv file and then uploaded to the mobile dictation device. Before beginning recording, the author can choose the data set to which the digital dictation will be assigned.

The Opens external link in new windowDigta 7 can store up to 1,000 data sets. The convenient search and filter function guarantees extremely quick access. The data lists can always be kept up-to-date because information is automatically reconciled with the leading system (such as the hospital information system).

The advantages

For the author

  • direct access to essential customer data
  • always available, even out of the office, directly in the Digta 7 dictation device
  • no inconvenient searches and comparisons of customer data
  • up to 1,000 data sets
  • quick access with the convenient search/filter function
  • even more convenient with the bar code scanner

For the secretarial staff

  • reliable allocation of dictations to customers (patients, clients, etc.)
  • quick processing of dictations

For the administration

  • acceleration of dictation processing
  • reliable processes provided by automatic allocation
  • low-cost solution provided by integrated functions
  • simple incorporation into an administrative system such as HL7
  • reliable storage of sensitive personal data in internal flash storage (protected from access by unauthorized personnel with Digta 7 PIN protection)

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