Flexible dictation transmission

Flexible dictation transmission

Use the Digta W/LAN Adapter to send dictations 

Mobile dictation devices allow great flexibility in the prompt generation of documents. But they are not always sufficient for optimal workflow design. A WLAN or LAN adapter can make the transmission of dictations especially quick and easy.

Generate documents promptly – with the Digta W/LAN Adapter

Generate documents promptly – with the Digta W/LAN Adapter
  • dictation transfer possibilities
  • advantages of the Digta W/LAN adapter

It is usually necessary to transmit recorded dictations into the existing dictation network as quickly as possible. The problem is that PC workstations that are suitable for dictation import are not always available, or security concerns prohibit the use of USB storage media.

The Opens external link in new windowDigta W/LAN Adapter offers the capability of transmitting dictations to secretarial staff through either a network cable (LAN) or wirelessly (WLAN). The adapter can be connected to any docking station and thus be used with any Digta dictation device. The Digta W/LAN Adapter’s security settings ensure that dictations will only be transmitted to the network. There is no possibility of a security breach through a USB port.

Advantages of the Digta W/LAN Adapter:

  • transmission of dictations through e-mail or FTP server to predetermined addressees
  • simple integration into existing networks
  • WLAN encryption provides secure transmission to company network
  • dictation transmission without expensive PC work stations
  • reduced processing time and distance walked
  • clearly organized, effective configuration and maintenance using web browser
  • remote administration of multiple Digta W/LAN Adapters
  • transfer of dictations from any Digta dictation device, with or without a docking station

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