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Offline speech recognition: Ideal for dictating while away from the office

Offline speech recognition: Ideal for dictating while away from the office
  • offline speech recognition with the Digta 7
  • advantages of offline speech recognition
  • Central Voice Transcriber: The central offline speech recognition solution

Speech recognition applications make work processes more efficient by reducing document processing times. Documents are generated up to three times as fast with speech recognition as with conventional composition.

A distinction is made between offline and Opens external link in new windowonline speech recognition.

Offline recognition is the right solution for those who wish to be mobile and able to work wherever they happen to be. You dictate – as usual – with your portable dictation device, such as the Opens external link in new windowDigta 7.

What does offline recognition do for me?

  • The audio files are automatically converted to text and sent to the secretarial staff.
  • There is no distracting recognition window at the author’s work station.
  • The corrections made by the secretarial staff improve the user vocabulary and thus the recognition rate.
  • The document generation process is accelerated, and the document is finished faster.
  • The secretarial staff has more time to complete other tasks.
  • The author makes only minor changes to his usual method of working.
  • Mobile dictation devices can continue to be used.

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