Online speech recognition workflow

Online speech recognition: Speech recognition live on your PC

Online speech recognition: Speech recognition live on your PC
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  • Central Voice Transcriber: The central offline speech recognition solution

Speech recognition supports an efficient method of working. Even taking into account the effort of proofreading and formatting, document generation with speech recognition is significantly faster. All work process are executed more efficiently: quick, simple, and precise. The efficiency leads to productivity increases and reduced costs. The investment for speech recognition is normally completely recouped within a single year.

There are two kinds of speech recognition: online and Opens external link in new windowoffline speech recognition.

We recommend online speech recognition for those who want to work in-house with a computer and PC microphone such as the Opens external link in new windowDigta SonicMic 3.

What does online recognition do for me?

  • The dictation appears on the screen immediately, and the document is available straight away.
  • For proofreading or further processing.
  • The author can finish the document himself if, for example, he has no secretarial staff.
  • Online recognition can also be used for dictation of e-mails and the like.
  • The use of speech recognition can be learned optimally directly at the computer.

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