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Public administration

From the mayor
To the building authority

Professional solutions for administration

The transition to digital dictation pays both for an individual mayor and his secretarial staff and for a larger organization such as a health or building authority. For each of these cases, Grundig Business Systems can offer an individual speech processing solution.

Save costs with voice recognition

Comprehensive paperwork is required especially in cities and municipalities. In order to save administrative costs here, solutions are required that optimize the processes, for example in the document creation process. In practice, the use of speech recognition has proven itself in order to create documents easily and, above all, faster. There are various solutions - depending on the dictator's preferred way of working. With DigtaSoft Voice professional, Grundig Business Systems offers speech recognition that is specially adapted to professional dictation and your own hardware. Solutions are also available for a server-based infrastructure, for example Dragon Professional Anywhere.

Mobile and easy to use

If you are on the go from time to time and dictate outside of your office, we recommend using a mobile dictation machine such as the Digta 7. Operation via the slide switch is particularly easy and with the "Easy Mode" there is a menu variant in which only the essential dictation functions are displayed. So you can concentrate fully on dictation. You also benefit from the well-known Grundig quality: Our devices are robust and of course "made in Germany".

More flexibility thanks to speech recognition

You can have the recorded dictations converted from speech recognition to text on your PC when you are back in the office. Or you give your dictation machine to your secretariat or forward the voice files there and the recognition takes place on their PC. The advantage: Your secretariat can make formatting changes and make final corrections to the document.


Complete documents immediately with speech recognition directly on the PC

For those who prefer to dictate directly on the PC, the Digta SonicMic 3 USB dictation microphone is an excellent choice. This microphone is optimized for stationary dictation and speech recognition. Nuance, a leading manufacturer of speech recognition solutions, has tested the Digta SonicMic 3 and awarded the highest rating for the recognition accuracy with Dragon.

Increase recognition performance with specific vocabulary

In order to achieve the highest possible accuracy of recognition, the vocabulary stored in the speech recognition should be matched to the vocabulary of the user. In addition to DigtaSoft Voice professional, Grundig Business Systems also offers DigtaSoft Voice legal recognition, which contains legal vocabulary. We can also adapt the vocabulary on request so that specific technical terms, abbreviations, proper names etc. are immediately available.


Dictate and transcribe without barriers

Our dictation and language processing solutions are also suitable for barrier-free dictation and transcription. For dictation, we especially recommend our dictation microphones, which are simply operated with the thumb. The function keys can be individually assigned. The software can also be controlled via hotkeys. The DigtaSoft Pro writing software can be operated entirely using keyboard shortcuts and works with the most common screen readers. We would also be happy to advise you on options for subsidizing procurement and installation by the Integration Office.


Protect sensitive data

The protection of personal data has top priority in public administration. Grundig Business Systems solutions allow you to automatically encrypt a dictation recorded in DSSPro in real time with 256 bits during the dictation process. Subsequent encryption of unprotected DSS and DSSPro dictations is also possible. The dictations are decrypted by the dictation machines as well as by the DigtaSoft Pro speech processing software with the appropriate password. Mobile dictation machines of the "Digta 7" series can also be protected against unauthorized access with a PIN code.



Here our technology is used in public administration

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Department of Social Affairs and Youth in the District Office Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

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Administrative community Ebermannstadt

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