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Grundig dictation devices: Simple and efficient

Grundig digital dictation devices, devices with cassette or otherwise, are easy to operate and help to organise your workflow efficiently. We would also be happy to advise you about our software and speech recognition solutions. And of course we will supply you with suitable accessories for your Grundig dictation devices.

Made in Germany

Grundig launched the first dictation device more than 60 years ago. Since then, the company has sold over four million dictation systems worldwide. Today Grundig Business Systems is the market leader for professional dictation systems in Germany and one of the global leaders in professional dictation systems. Grundig dictation devices are produced at our factory in Bayreuth, where our headquarters is also located – and are characterised by their “made in Germany” quality.

We offer various Grundig dictation devices – mobile devices as well as dictation microphones and desktop stations for your work station. You can choose between digital technology and proven analogue dictation devices from Grundig. For large hospitals, large lawyers‘s offices, and other large organizations, we recommend digital Grundig dictation devices to greatly

accelerate document generation processes and to increase efficiency by up to 40 percent.

How? Dictations are forwarded quickly over the network or as e-mail attachments and are optimally distributed according to volume and resources. Digital Grundig dictation devices also offer more security, as they are secured by PIN and the recorded speech files can be encrypted. The digital Grundig dictation devices can be combined with a barcode scanner, allowing dictations to be unambiguously assigned to a file, for example.

Our tip: You can go on using existing analogue Grundig foot switches and headphones with digital Grundig dictation devices and transcription stations. If you require help with the introduction of digital dictation technology, we offer extensive advice.