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Digta SonicMic II with DigtaSoft One

• USB dictation microphone with extra large slide switch
• PC mouse control with trackpoint and mouse buttons
• interface for barcode reader
• including software DigtaSoft One for beginners / transitioners

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Article number: PFU2200

Box contents Digta SonicMic II, microphone stand, turnscrew for adjusting sliding switch resistance, single user licence for PC software DigtaSoft One

Simple control with trackpoint mouse and buttons

The Digta SonicMic II features an easily controllable trackpoint for moving the mouse pointer. You can adjust the speed to your needs. The two mouse buttons are located on the back side of the microphone, easily accessible for the index finger.
Simple control with trackpoint mouse and buttons
Ergonomic shape and extra-wide sliding switch

Ergonomic shape and extra-wide sliding switch

The Digta SonicMic II’s slim, elongated design ensures a relaxed arm position during dictation. If you want to take a break from dictation, you can place your Digta SonicMic II in its compact microphone stand.

The Digta SonicMic II’s distinctive extra-wide sliding switch gives you easy access to the four switch positions. What is special about the Digta SonicMic II is that the sliding switch is individually adjustable.

Individually configurable function buttons

The Digta SonicMic II is equipped with multiple function buttons. Each can have up to three settings: a software application allows you to configure the function buttons to control the dictation software and other programmes by setting the maximum priority for a dictation or triggering hotkey functions, for instance.
Individually configurable function buttons
Ideal for speech recognition

Ideal for speech recognition

Dispense with laborious learning of speech coomands! A direct interface with DigtaSoft Voice and Dragon NaturallySpeaking allows execution of all important speech recognition commands directly with the Digta SonicMic II’s sliding switch or mouse buttons. The microphone is muted when the sliding switch is set to stop, avoiding many recognition errors; speech control is better than that of a headset.

The sound card built into the Digta SonicMic II ensures optimal speech recording and playback. This makes the Digta SonicMic II ideal for use with a speech recognition application.

Increase documentation reliability with a barcode reader

Invest in increased reliability in your documentation and complement your Digta SonicMic II with a barcode reader! It allows you to assign a unique number to each client or patient.
Increase documentation reliability with a barcode or RFID reader