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Digta Swingphone 950

• Super light weight stereo headphones
• Ear pads in multiple colours included
• Connects to PC's, notebooks and all audio devices with 3,5mm jack

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Article number: GCC9500

Box contents Digta Swingphone 950 headphones

The light weight headphones for extra comfort

The Digta Swingphone 950 only weigh an extra comfortable 18 grams (0.63 oz). The design is focused on a subtle and professional look.

Even after hours they are barely noticable - thanks to their flexible construction. These double system stereo headphones with below-the-chin connection is easy to slip on and off while keeping your hair intact. The cable was placed at the center of the headphones to avoid irritating the cheeks.

Die ideale Audio-Lösung am Arbeitsplatz: Ein Kopfhörer mit Unterkinnbügel

Austauschbare, mehrfarbige Ohrpolster

Personalize your headphones

The additional ear pads in multiple colours are not just replacement parts. They can be used to mark your set with a unique colour different from your colleagues. This ensures that only you will wear your set of headphones.

Or you could just let your personal style decide.

Stereo playback with PC headphone jack

Check out the playback quality! The Digta Swingphone 950, with its jack plug, allows stereo playback of WAV or MP3 files such as conference recordings with the Digta 7 Premium.
Stereo-Wiedergabe an der PC-Kopfhörerbuchse