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Tabletop stations
Tabletop stations

Playback devices for your work station

In many administrative offices, you will find Stenorette or microcassette playback devices on the desks. These devices have been optimised for secretarial staff. The desktop dictation stations are also popular. That is why Grundig Business Systems guarantees availability of the Stenorette device for playback and dictation for the foreseeable future.

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Professional dictation transcription

The recording and playback devices from Grundig Business Systems are office classics that have proven themselves in extensive daily use. The size and layout of the operating elements allow ergonomic operation for the author or secretarial staff.

Some playback devices such as the Stenorette St 3220 are not just playback devices. Because they are equipped with a microphone connection, they can also be used as recording devices and are suitable for conference recordings. The Stenorette St 3220 is especially suited to professional use because the number and length of the dictations are clearly arranged on its liquid crystal display. The playback speed can also be adjusted.

All Stenorette playback devices such as the Stenorette St 3221 can be connected to a foot switch and headphones. For example, you can complement your device with the foot switch 536. You have a choice of headphones for playback devices: the classic headphone, the Digta Headphone 565; and the one-ear phone, the Digta Earphone 957. For those who are worried about their hair, we offer our Digta Swingphone 568. All headphones come with a Grundig or USB connector or an audio jack. 


With a foot switch and headphones, your secretarial staff with have a fully-equipped work station in the blink of an eye. Stenorette playback devices from Grundig Business Systems thus allow professional dictation transcription.

Microcassette recording and playback devices

Do you prefer recording and playback devices that use microcassettes? Then invest in the Dt 3110! This recording and playback device from Grundig is ideal for those who dictate a great deal, but can also be used to transcribe dictations. Connect the Dt 3110 to a microphone and you can use it to make conference recordings.

You can use the Dt 3110 with either a dictation work station or a transcription station. The device includes a microcassette MC-45, the world’s most current cassette system.

Smooth transition to digital dictation

The playback quality, but also the longevity and perfect user-friendliness are excellent reasons to use analog recording and playback devices from Grundig Business Systems. Of course, our systems also provide excellent preparation for a later transition to digital dictation: the analog accessories such as the headphones and foot switch can continue to be used with digital systems. This saves money when you transition.