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Speech recognition for the legal sector

More and more courts are relying on digital dictation machines in conjunction with voice recognition. With DigtaSoft Voice, Grundig Business Systems offers you a special legal solution. This takes into account the requirements of professional dictators and contains legal vocabulary for better recognition performance.

Grundig Business Systems also offers network solutions for speech recognition. The advantage: The capacities on the computers of dictators and typists remain free. With Dragon Legal Anywhere from Nuance, the application can be dictated directly on the PC. But dictating on the go is also no problem. The Central Voice Transcriber can implement around 30 dictation hours in 24 hours and has no restriction on the number of authors. It is therefore ideal for dishes with a high volume of dictations.

Your competent partner for the implementation of speech recognition projects

Speech recognition has already been introduced in some judicial organizations, but the resulting efficiency gains have not yet been realized. Grundig Business Systems has successfully implemented many projects in courts, such as the judiciary in Schleswig Holstein. In addition to the correct installation of the system, it is primarily a matter of user training. Together with you we develop training concepts for administrators and users and make recommendations for your workflow optimization.

Mobile workflow

With a mobile digital dictation device such as the Digta 7, judges and prosecutors are particularly flexible and can dictate on the go at any time, for example during on-site appointments. In addition, the "Digta 7" dictation machines are very robust and lie comfortably in the hand. And they have many helpful functions. You can use the insert function to add text to an existing language file later. Information such as file number, priority and other details for the typist can be recorded in the dictation accompanying sheet.

Your typist receives a notification as soon as a new dictation is received and can transcribe it according to the priority. It is also possible to create writing pools. This means that dictations with a higher workload can be better distributed and processed promptly.

Accessible solutions

Our dictation and language processing solutions are also suitable for barrier-free dictation and transcription. For dictation, we especially recommend our dictation microphones, which are simply operated with the thumb like the Digta SonicMic 3. The function keys can be individually assigned. The DigtaSoft Pro writing software can be operated entirely using keyboard shortcuts and works with the most common screen readers. We would also be happy to advise you on options for subsidizing procurement and installation from the Integration Office.


Highest security

Security is a top priority in the legal sector. That's why we offer your files the best possible protection with 256-bit encryption. A dictation recorded in DSSPro can be automatically encrypted in real time during the dictation process. Subsequent encryption of unprotected DSS and DSSPro dictations is also possible. The dictations are decrypted by the dictation machines as well as by the DigtaSoft Pro speech processing software with the appropriate password. You can also protect your dictation machine against unauthorized access with a PIN code.

Easy roll-out and central administration

Grundig Business Systems solutions are easy to install and can be connected to specialist applications such as EUREKA-Fach and MESTA. For larger networks we recommend the Central Digta Configurator. This software is for administrators to centrally and easily configure and manage multiple dictation machines. It also enables a quick roll-out. The devices are grouped according to the organization chart and assigned to the users. The advantage: The workflow functions of the dictation machines can be set correctly according to the user. New firmware is distributed to all dictation machines in the network with just one click. In addition, certain functions can be blocked so that users do not inadvertently change anything. Thanks to the Central Digta Configurator, new employees are quickly and easily added to the dictation network.